Xian Xia World 2 Online — The Mythical Realm 2 Trailer

The CBT with no data wipe beta started yesterday.
I wanted to test this, but all the sites giving away keys are out!
http://xx2.ztgame.com/ — MMORPG — PC — Chinese

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Комментариев: 24
  1. Ronsou

    I think I'm 1st again

  2. The Greatest Comeback


    all fking landscape..

  3. Solar Duster

    Я думал что Ревелейшн уже вышла)

  4. Myasuu Jo

    Again a shitty B&S/MB game… wanted to try bless but i know it's goin to get me bored… i miss old addictive games…

  5. andrew andrew

    Почему все новые онлайн игры так похожи друг на друга? Что за клон Revelation и ещё сотен игр в азиатской стилистике. Скукотища )

  6. J

    flying wings 🤔

  7. erehinater

    Name "Xian Xia World" but only use wings to fly…… OK

  8. 253637zero2

    I don't mind bikini armors, but the armor in the thumbnail is just so dumb, haha.

  9. Zastier

    I thought Revelation Online already released… oh wait

  10. Chyvalle

    yo step i tried to make an account for this but need china phone number?

  11. Muddled Malkavian

    Rip off of Revelation Online?

  12. VastoHorde

    I also miss the days of being addicted to playing a good mmo that felt like you were in an actual world.

    Waiting to see the next ArcheAge or Black Desert because those 2 are the only recent games that almost got it right.

    Also waiting for Age Of Wushu 2 as that one looks to be a total open Sandbox.

    The West seems to be going in the right direction now with games like Crowfall and Ashes Of Creation. I hope the next wave of REAL eastern mmos are more of the Sandbox type. Please no more games like Revelation Online. The themepark era is over.

  13. EliteVenomz

    When will they understand that it's not only about the graphics >,<

  14. 常修

    nice bgm.

  15. Riddif Mandela

    More like teaser than a trailer

  16. joe junior

    hey I like BNS and still playing it as a casual player… I don't hate instanced zones as long as those zone are decently huge enough… I love its combat my fave if I may say along with Tera's combat comparing to other action combat styles out now… and hey fuck RNG and p2w don't bother me I don't pay for those lol

  17. Malicious Affection

    There better be a Sky Poison Pearl, Copper Mirror, Red Haired Lolis, AFK Cultivation, [Actually useful] Alchemy, some kind of mentor inside of you that is hax OP, "Cuz you are MC powers/bloodlines", magical book that is hax, and other things that are Xianxia…

    … Flying swords, "I died, but I lived cuz I'm MC" parts in the story, "frog in a well" revelations, Every stranger will call you trash, Every stranger who called you trash will say "I have eye, but could not see mount Tai", Lots of blood vomit…

  18. Steven C.

    Looks like revelation online

  19. Kieffer Manlapaz

    Nothing can beat Moonlight Blade!

  20. Shadzin

    Steparu and his dang clickbait thumbnail.

  21. Leon X

    Back then, Chinese games had wings as cosmetics… Now with modern technology they can finally fly into another roller coaster MMORPG!

  22. daniel queiroz

    and another same generic game, feelsbadman

  23. dcofjapan

    whew the first one is ugly. don't google it.

  24. Mikagami Tokiya

    I got the chance to play this Step.. I just got lucky that after registering last night, I got a key after hours of random trying the rollet on some websites… and, I'm kinda enjoying playing it right now… the only I notice with this game is that, some sound effects are taken from blade and soul really… combat style is point-click mode and WASD mode… its a TAB-ttargetting mechanic… combination of revelations's and BNS with the touch of AION… character creation is kinda cool… but its limited on hair selections… and yah, the BOOBS are effective on this game!

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