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The upcoming rogue-lite X2 Eclipse started another beta and I tried it out for a bit~ Featuring isometric action combat gameplay with various Anime characters, a free select ticket, and live 2D artwork. Some of the UI look like they were inspired by Arknights. I would have done character previews, but they were grayed out.

Game Site: https://www.jieshenzhe.com/

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  1. Zero Gunz

    Story and characters inspired by Alice in Wonderland and many different mythologies.
    Combat seems… average? Reminds me of 永遠的7日之都

  2. Sed277

    Looks fun tbh

  3. Sukita

    Hi Steparu-chan! wish you all good <3


    Character look likes Light x Shadow MOBA game + Eternal city. Look really cool ❤

  5. Daniel Hao

    Actually…this game story has…anyways,I like this thumbnail in your video😅…

  6. ok listen

    The same thing over and over and over…

  7. MMOStars

    Looks a bit like Punishing Gray Raven, would be cool to see more later game content.

  8. Kinh Night

    Are you guys know when have eng ?

  9. Little Shy

    Looks similar to Eternal City…

  10. ShanochiTV

    More waifu to collect.

  11. Anime Memes

    emoji oh wait

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