WoW 2001 ECTS Gameplay Preview.flv

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Комментариев: 10
  1. tyuy100

    there must be a dowloadable version if this.

  2. Thunder

    for this build? I don't think so

  3. tyuy100

    i wish it did

  4. TheZavraq

    i loved the male orc running animation more here 0:50

  5. cosmic katamari

    Did that pally cast frost?

  6. Emma Anderson

    Lol the sound effects. And I love how they ended it with an treant screaming at some random guy, like that was the most impressive thing they had. Lol

  7. 멍뭉펀치

    전설의 시작

  8. GOD

    man when I saw this as a kid I thought the world was about to end

  9. 개닭소돼지말

    2001년같으마 내나이가 50대엿노

  10. 개닭소돼지말

    내가 와우 2004년 오픈베타부터 모내기렉 걸리가며 햇는데 오리지널이 젤 재밋엇다.

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