Windrunner Kakao Talk Gameplay Jump of Death 1080p

Fun free game lol, I don’t think I will ever reach the end T_T.
Kind of want to get a cute pet.

Apple iOS:

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  1. boys0dream

    are you Korean? since you need kakao talk to play this game and ive never seen non Korean using kakao talk

  2. DrEudoxia

    I don't believe there is actually…

  3. BloodyMireu

    I wish I could play this game -_- my GS1 keeps crashing when I try to play the game… *sigh*

  4. Amber Fox

    if you cant reach the end, i dont think anyone else can!

  5. Primu

    Kakaotalk is best chat app on android imo.

  6. GC9000

    I want to get a shadow the hedgehog mod and play this :P

  7. zoomich

    Same. Hurts my soul.

  8. hovsep56

    google play doesnt want to download it

  9. kenii28

    is there any way to earn free red gems other than logging in everyday

  10. blacksiopao

    everytime I log in at kakao, it keeps crashing T__T

  11. PangyaGamer

    2D Asian side-scrolling temple run! :D


    Add me please pauli383 wind runner

  13. Philip P

    can someone please translate the percentages? like what does the level up percentage do and the pet percentages?

  14. GChau

    saltyxrice id

  15. Smudgebird

    actually its also out for line, so you can be an english player. it doesnt have as much as the kakao version tho

  16. ReyW

    this game gets stuck loading at one part during the tutorial on my iphone 4s, anyone else have the same problem?

  17. Paul Do

    same i had that problem too after the march update and ive been hoping whenever they release another update it gets fixed but so far nothing for me

  18. Skylarax

    ADD me _bryanlau_

  19. 뿡뿡! ^__^

    I am Canadian and I use KakaoTalk every day, and I play Windrunner too ^^

  20. Kim Hana

    Need more friends on wind runner, add id : kimhana18888

  21. Saritwong Suksriwong

    add me tong27552 play all time

  22. DRM Calatrava

    Add me on line ID: dwiriskymauliah
    Need frnds,, playing everyday,, :D

  23. Gaia

    lol.. i was intensely watching the screen as if i was playing~ then it feel …i went Ack! T_T

  24. JSTN

    How do you get the legendary pets?

  25. mhuston865

    Add me. Kakao ID is mhuston865

  26. Fayruz Rahma

    keep playing and keep summoning.
    I got my legendary pet after playing 1160 times :))
    I'm not an expert though.

  27. Pandanitis08

    Okay two things: 1. Anyone know which pets you can combine to get the class A pets? I keep loosing the matching ones so I gave up -___-; and 2 I'm always playing so feel free to add me (^u^)/ pandanitis

  28. Churmander

    I'm not sure if this is true or not, but i think i read..

    normal + normal = rare 70-80%
    rare + rare = super rare 30-40%
    super rare + super rare = legendary 20%

    something like that.. it honestly sounds like a waste of money tryin to risk those chances. Does anyone know if you can upgrade mounts? Is the 30 ruby item that allows u to use two pets forever? it's so tempting to buy everything with real $

  29. Dirty D

    I assume you need to combine two class B pets to get a class A pet. The pet you choose to combine first is the one you wont lose if your match fails. So choose your more favored pet first.

  30. Dirty D

    (for the Kakao version) You can upgrade mounts up to level 25, then you need 50 rubys to continue to upgrade the mounts again. The item next to buying new pets (second row) is the one that allows you to have two pets forever. I dont remember how much it cost.

  31. Sim Virtual

    add me :) ID: frankpilot

  32. Ahwar Ban Lawya

    Add bboyren_g

  33. alahsiedra

    Is Scarlett officially available? She doesn't show up on my character select/buy screen. Can add me, I give boots a couple times a day. Kakao ID: pipicopico

  34. rockywee

    add me ID: Kurono

  35. Mo Al

    Add me : KAKI

  36. TonyBlizard

    there isn't one as far as i know

  37. Andrew Chan

    they have the american version of the game now but uses LINE account instead of kakotalk

  38. angelwemOn

    como se llama realmente & como puedo descargalo para mi smarphone

  39. Ahwar Ban Lawya

    add me on Kakao: bboyrenren

  40. Professor KhaLeD

    my id : Beatdown119

  41. rico aditama

    id : pd5408429

  42. OZCTH

    id : meepoo305 แอดเยอะๆ ส่งรองเท้าทุกวัน

  43. sun han

    Add me Id: Kapri

  44. luis miguel reyes

    line me id : finish angel

  45. luis miguel reyes

    quien me dice porque no me aparesen las foto de mis amigo cuando toy jugando quien me ayuda porfavor :(

  46. Diana Davidian

    ad me my id: aggelaki.mou

  47. Bob bob

    Add id zagadic

  48. Pablo Varela

    add me please pablito

  49. Angga Pramudya

    Add me active daily player :) need more active friends who play kakaoTalk WINDRUNNER to exchange sending shoes. Thanks! My kt ID : rabbittomaru

  50. Angga Pramudya

    Add me active daily player :) need more active friends who play kakaoTalk WINDRUNNER to exchange sending shoes. Thanks! My kt ID : rabbittomaru

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