Wild Arms Million Memories Gameplay and Last Boss Battle

Having loved the original Wild Arms, I needed to play this game.
All characters obtained FREE in story and the game has NO Stamina~!
https://wild-arms.com/ — JPN Mobile — Casual RPG — Android — iOS

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  1. Christopher Yako

    I loved the wild arm series in PS1. Thanks for the share.

  2. hiddenbruh

    No stamina and free obtainable characters my interest is piqued

  3. RMD00

    You have NO IDEA how much I want this!

  4. Mobile Players

    Half screen games are boring

  5. Bs Kata

    looks good do your best☺☺☺☺☺☺

  6. 9BeastKing

    I am a big fan of wild arms 1-3 omg I need i need I need!

  7. Duoprism

    How does the monetisation work in the game if there's no stamina + free characters?

  8. Lughs_Revenge

    Mixed feelings. I don't like that you can't even target where you want to attack. It's simply running around, touching wildly the touchscreen and wait until everyone's dead..

  9. mike ANDREA

    Try out dragalia, it's coming out today :) well i can see that game gonna be money grabber, not like this one

  10. Solstice Refuge

    Steparu, do you use any translation tools? Any you can recommend when playing JPN/KR games.

  11. Azz-Rushman

    Now i want to plug my dusty PS2 again with Wild Arms 5.

  12. Ydeirt

    Ah the nostalgia of good old games..

  13. Suiko Ryos

    Oooh, my child/teenhood! I loved sooo much Wild Arms 1… even though I never beated it. ¬¬

  14. jo adore

    Remember getting wild arms 3 for christmas mannnn good times

  15. Aest

    Full size?

  16. Hoowwwww

    How to kill and IP ? forget what made it popular and release a trash mobile game

  17. Mii Rico

    Wild Arms 2 is my favourite of the bunch because of Ashley's edgy transformation. Dear god how I dig his transformation when I was in my teens. Fuck Wild Arms 4 Hex though the copy of my game had this bug that I can't fucking progress at all, fuck that bullshit.

  18. Pedo Bear

    Look fun 👍

  19. That-Gundam-Guy

    So far I feel like Dean is the best, once Jude comes to the game hes my main, since I loved WA4.

  20. Sim Yu Kai

    The game only release ytd and you completed it

  21. Ryn Gin


  22. Ghost Of War

    It is not available in my country for christ sake. Fuck

  23. Payback

    furiously plays Into the Wilderness in the background

  24. Kyanern

    Virginia is such a darling. Hope they add in Jane and give a canonical reason for their family name (Maxwell)

  25. Harvey Cielos

    English please 😁

  26. Crainshaw83

    this game looks super fun

  27. André Moura

    jogo lindo mas pena não chegou brasil baixa amo esse jogo da infancia

  28. Vegesther

    I'd rather have a real 6th gamer on the ps4 not a crappy mobile cell phone game that's likely never going to be released outside of japan.

  29. canabiz

    It's good to see hanpan again

  30. Raoni Marques

    Is Jet Enduro a playable character in this? This is one of my favorite series, and I missed it soooooo much….I'll give it a try, even though it's in japanese…won't be the first time. But I hope it comes to the west.

    But please, tell me Jet is playable. He's one of my favorite characters ever

  31. wahea aha

    I want play wild arms on my HP.
    So please release game wild arms use phone please…..

  32. Ferrick

    where is knight blazer :v

  33. acelsg

    that's not the last boss, they updated another chapter. will appreciate it if you actually update your website…

  34. Stardust Memory

    This video spread some light to this legendary franchise. Thank you so much. Wild Arms is my favorite JRPG of all time.

  35. Valdish

    Soooooo… Is there gonna be an English version at some point, or is it only for Japan?

  36. Video Game Worm

    I wonder if they´ll ever translate this to english

  37. Screw The Net

    Berserk is the final fight? lame…R.I.P> WILD ARMS 1 !!!!! O>o

  38. ALBIAN

    By the emperor of mankind, these girls shooting reminds me of astartes

  39. Iacon Dawnshire

    This will neve come to the West :(

  40. HappyPlayerOne

    This game is a total disrespect to all fans and wild arms series!

  41. Daniel M.

    Game is closing down in early 2020

  42. [ithy]

    :( and here I'm regretting not being able to get acf back in the day.

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