War of Crown Global Version Gameplay Preview Mobile Tactics RPG

Random Tactics RPG. My luck in this game seems to be good.
Doesn’t seem all that fun or addicting, adding to my side games.
Maybe the game will pick up later, something feels missing.


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  1. Ika Musume


  2. Potatex


  3. Dario Silva

    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
    Catch a Steparu by the toe.
    If he meows let him go,
    Eeny meeny miny moe!

  4. darkling

    iam 23RD comment

  5. Ryasson

    Oh look, it's Gamevil, the master of P2W

  6. darkling

    the few cool looking game on the channel that was release global

  7. Jon Li

    Seven Knights as a tactics RPG

  8. naruto00nix

    im gonna stay with fantasy war tactics instead :P

  9. ILikeBigBoobies69

    dat jiggle physics tho

  10. Chris jason

    final fantasy tactics advance yayyyy

  11. RaizenToguro

    The titties are sentient.

  12. Bork

    how well can ftp players can survive here steparu?

  13. Faint Sherin

    Had this 2 days ago but the game is a bit dull for me.

  14. Leon X

    Hey I've been playing this too. The game is okay, since it's new it doesn't have a lot of content. I'm already on the last difficulty of the adventures and got 1 more chapter of the story to go.

    I like the non-AI pvp, the gatcha is also decent you can re-roll or get that 5star character free when you finish some quests. Leveling has been really fast, you just afk auto grind dungeons, but eventually some dungeons are hard and requires you to manually guide the dumb auto mode. I've already leveled 5 of my 4 star characters to 5 stars simply by studying and putting it on auto grind on certain dungeons. (so far there is no auto restart, so u have to press repeat when u finish) The PvP is also pretty well balanced, a lot might disagree, but all the characters are maxed level and items are fixed. I've went against whales in PvP and won. Some 3 star fodder actually have some nice utility in PvP too.

    Don't like: Not much customization: The only customizing per character is that you can put either HP gloves on him or an extra def shield on him, etc. Every different element of a certain character gives a different 2nd skill and passive. crusader quest which I loved but had to quit had some amazing synergy parties, this game doesn't really have synergy in each character especially for a team of 4 or 5. Team comps are usually 1 tank, 1 support, rest dps. Also, you want to save your skills in PvP because once you use it the cooldown can be a whopping 4-5 turns before you can use it again.

  15. chuck

    since i quit BF after 2 year of playing i been looking for new games, this one is quite fun

    i hate english voices tho

  16. Nippe

    Aren't people getting tired of exact same element weakness games soon? Feels like 90% of mobile games are using fire > leaf > water + dark >< light nowadays…

  17. Bruno Araoz

    Too slow in every way, levelup, matches, arena. P2W

  18. Teh Hijau

    the area is too small. look like there is no need (maybe little) tactic to play. will it get bigger maps at a higher level?

  19. Controls


  20. Ligoya

    Nooooooo…….same character model but different color scheme, nope nope nope.

  21. tetsmega

    Gamevil games are designed to suck your money through gatcha

  22. ChemicaaLz

    Even tactics rpgs are being automated on mobile? Geez lmao.

  23. ra gl

    hi steparu what program you use to play this game in the pc?

  24. Blue VoltAhoge

    *Have a lots of Units
    *turns out its the same as Summoners War where each Units have diff Elements
    *Instant Dislike
    *Instant Uninstall
    FKING WASTED!! >:(

  25. vasilia s

    i personally think other tactical game such tagatame is way better and more complex than this one

    the best feature in this game is the gacha scene lol

  26. CanduGame

    What emulator u use step

  27. Amur Ika


  28. Nox

    I still like feheroes better

  29. Azriel2k3

    Anyone able to get this to work with the Memu android emulator? Bluestacks and Nox but run horribly on my pc, memu runs great though.

  30. Giovani Nathanael

    played it before, enjoyed it a bit, but the "element" system killed the fun for me

  31. Ferrick

    hmm looks like tagatame but kinda less appealing, and simpler + faster. Do you still play tagatame steppu? :V

  32. アイズ

    mein gott, the boobs physic

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