Viper Circle Online Steparu Trolling

Chop Slide Slap~! Who needs a Knife?!
When you can be a Ninja~!?

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  1. acidHAL0

    Mission accomplished! "Good work soldier you trolled the enemy!"

  2. deathman00789

    lol death slaps.

  3. Franklyn Gregory

    Why would they even bother making this game

  4. jorge pajo

    Looks really unbalanced.

  5. Slider2k

    DAT footsteps…

  6. psimon

    those reaction times Oo almost bots

  7. reznoire

    nice streak

  8. supermarioz5

    the footsteps are reallllllllllllllly annoying i hope they lower these

  9. Jayaresee

    It looks weird when you sprint sideways, like your legs don't move according to where you're moving

  10. Ibrahim Wazzi

    Looks…. so slippery :)))

  11. Yuki Fubuki

    LOL did u just bitch slap killed the enemy?

  12. Demonic Neko

    Ik in love with u

  13. FieLJay

    Conclusion its better to kick and punch than use your gun

  14. bassoxu

    Hey Steparu! I don't know if you listen to requests, but uh, thought I would try anyways, I hope that's okay >>;
    Um, there's a open beta for this game Warframe that's going on right now. It's not Korean, but its pretty damn kickass! Would you consider doing a video about it?
    It's a co-op third person shooter :V
    Other than that, there's Archeblade on Steam which came out yesterday, though…uh, I will sound dumb here, no clue if its Korean or not >>;

  15. MDKAI

    Sprinting OP~

  16. Antiforma1

    good and funny at the same time XD

  17. Mighty D

    Poor noobs.

  18. Snow Blackfrost

    this game looks derp

  19. Mirppz

    Yeah, Warframe is definitely a good game and nice looking but I couldn't play it anymore because almost every dungeon looks the same and it was too repetitive for me.

  20. hovsep56

    they changed it at open beta

  21. hovsep56

    the game looks rly unfinished is that alpha?

  22. hujron

    *my crap KOrean translation*
    Global chat near end of video:
    "How did you kill me?!"
    "Yeah he got me too"
    "I have no idea how I suddenly died"
    Steparu: "Karate chop" /TROLOL

  23. bassoxu

    Gotta remember, 'tis in beta. Things should change~

  24. M E

    That slap :))) (y)

  25. Marek Sczokowzky

    Can you post your PC Specs

  26. gipro1

    Graphics look amazing, but animations lack variety.

  27. Lee Boy

    stepuru r u a girl

  28. VonVoltaire

    Warframe is in open beta right now, so you can play it right now if you want.
    Weren't we promised PSO2 last december -_- damn you Japan.

  29. VonVoltaire

    No problem! Have fun and hope to see you in game :)!

  30. john temporar

    it looks pretty cheap.. sliding movement, poor animation and nothing interesting in gameplay. definitely low budget game.

  31. Paronimous


  32. hovsep56

    i would call it unfinished

  33. Joseph Rosario

    now that is some quality trolling.
    I tip my hat to you

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