Viper Circle Online First Look Gameplay Assault Killing Spree 1080p HD 바이퍼서클

Taking a first look at the VC Closed Beta.
AK47 yahooo~! Recoil is insane though.
I also killed someone funny, can you find it!?

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  1. Kaoru Sugimura

    Hows the customization? if it's better than GRO then i might play this instead when i can get my hands on it

  2. reznoire

    oh my that camera is all the way out in space

  3. deathman00789

    Looks cool. No bgm tho?

  4. TheUglyFish

    i Can't find the funny guy you killed! :< or i just don't get it

  5. Anikii Wabbit

    Keel! Hedoshat

  6. Ishoa

    That moment when the guy you drop kicked EXPLODED….priceless

  7. TyrannyforSupper

    i dont see why people are saying this game looks bad, it actually looks great, like Blacklight retribution with 3rd person

  8. Chris

    Looks pretty nice. Though, the fact that some voice pops out of no where to remind you that you just killed someone 2 to 3 times over is kinda.. annoying lol.

  9. FluffyKitten

    haha dat face kick

  10. √47Squared

    After this i have to ask,steparu.. are you male or female?

  11. Whammy

    wow running is so slow…

  12. Hiromu656

    lol that drop fick

  13. Minorin

    The footsteps sound so annoying lol >_>

  14. Qualia

    So It's apb w/o the open world and cars? Neat game though

  15. N3mzjp

    I thought I was the only one annoyed by it

  16. shadowsdmg

    does this map not remind anyone of one of the maps in Fear? O.o

  17. Wotanson

    koreans making weird fucking games

  18. dra6o0n

    GRO is more 'tech' based and they don't have the obnoxious loud 'boot' sounds lol.

    It sounds like they took a wooden stick and whacked at a hanging piece of leather.

  19. dra6o0n

    GRO is way more tactical, but it has severe balance issues and grenades cost you a fortune to use!

  20. Min Lee

    I think AVA better

  21. wonderfags

    wtf is this game

  22. HRN

    killu headshutu

  23. Josh Eslava

    Is this game Viper Circle or Rekoil?

  24. WorldCompany

    APB looks better. :o

  25. Litchytaste

    what happened at 1:03 hahahahahhaah

  26. TassadarGR

    kick,then headshot.freaking hilarious

  27. Gumi Park

    Hah, does crouch shooting improve the recoil? This reminds me of AFO, only not as janky or under-developed.

  28. WafflezGraal

    Lol omg I was not expecting that jumping kick at like 1:03 XD

  29. FreestylaBoy

    Apples and Oranges

  30. 계룡산숲속

    뭔 건빵바지가 스키니냐 진짜 이게임 실화냐 ?

  31. hwan bat

    아슬아슬 킬 ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ개간지노ㄷㄷ

  32. 종순이

    할말을 잃은

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