Vindictus Miri Gameplay and Transformation Preview

Miri the Last Draker’s Gameplay and Unique Transformation!? More Information — KR | — EN

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  1. Tea Tsuneko

    I know what to do with my other character now

  2. — A.

    Hope one day Vindictus doesn't play like shit because of the horrendously outdated engine. Hope one day Vindictus isn't run by the greediest company aside from EA/Ubi.

    So much potential going to waste.

  3. Laura Barbosa


  4. YoshiXInfinite

    But when tho!?

  5. Alex Alex

    this game was so fun…now crap like this char is happening

  6. Quiz

    This is probably the only single player game I know of that keeps getting content updates


  7. Muhammad Re3oo

    I feel bad because I can't play this awesome game in my country 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  8. Kryless777

    alright….we need to fuse vindictus and tera…and completly rework the late game grind fest and and make it pvp based game.

  9. 13YoJest13

    Why does everyone think this game died on it's own? The only thing that killed this game was fucking america and it's money grabbers ruining Vindictus NA. In Korea this game still gets a decent amount of attention for how old it is. Even fucking maplestory is still thriving over there. Why? Cause Korea actually cares about it's players.

  10. dragon sword

    Wow another new character and is a female again lol

  11. Ewoke

    Why don't you just let it die? I played it even become coming to EU, I feel so fucking bad for Vindictus, I LOVED this game, the soundtrack, the art, the story, but most of the decisions, either by developers or by Nexon (I think it's Nexon) are ruining the game, killing it! That thing you did with season 1 and 2? It should be a feature available ONLY to players that already did it at least once so they can progress new characters faster, not for everyone from the start, you're discouraging new players from playing the game because it's brain dead easy and not interesting or rewarding at all! All bosses should be harder, more challenging to fight, not easier! Vindictus has become a casual shit slasher! My honest review of this game? This is how wasted potential looks like!

  12. sag1432

    this aint even fair this girl can transform and ride dragon things meanwhile lann been spinning since like 2010 if you gonna make characters like this you need to make ur older characters look just as good

  13. Shiba

    Stop complaining bitch the game is for new player now

  14. DanSu DuHast

    Why play this shit, when you can play Nier: Automata?
    (i was once a huge fan and player of Vindi, but then when you get to late you cant play cause of Pay 2 Win douchebags buy their way to most op items and they kick you out constantly, so there is no way to farm for stronger gear. Also the grinding, also the REPETITIVENESS, Jesus fighting the same enemy 1 000 000 times)

  15. Shiba

    Does the game have voice mute option, this voice is a little annoying to play

  16. Avyur

    Miri is going to be released for NA at around Dec. 8 for anyone who is still wondering

  17. Neko no Baka


  18. Justin Kunz

    What kinda weapon is that

  19. Filvandrel

    Christ allmighty.. I've been following this game from closed beta and I've always loved how cool it was. Action combat system, cool progression and decent story, awesome character archetypes and tilesets. I've been amazed how voice changed at specific tilesets even, echoing in the caves etc. I really enjoyed this game. But THIS?! This is some f*cking weeaboo bullsh*t going on here, and I don't want to take any part in this cancer.

  20. Stefan Smilkovski

    wait that Dragon just came to fight FOR her right ? im downloading this game again xD wasent able to play it long time ago ima try it out i hope it works since i got new stuf on my pc

  21. ibodalaibo

    <3 Vindictus <3

  22. Sora wears Rick Owens

    berserker armor

  23. MegaDragonmark

    this game is dead to me a soon as they gave the dragon theme to a female class. always hated when these game company does this shit to their game.

  24. CX222666

    i know that i'll love this new character cuz my main are evie/arisha and sometimes i'll played vella/lynn/fiona/hurk. i think i'd left this game like maybe close to 2-3 years now. i love this game a lot, but i had left for a few reasons. 1). my vella was my original main and i bought vip for her and did many raids on dragons and loots are automatically distrubuted which i liked it. rng is really nice for me. i then used those mats to upgrade myself. a lvl 70/80 gear mats such as lakoria fang etc will cost up to 140mill-200mill+ at the time when i first started the game.good part<——……bad part—> when i left, those mats are like 40 mill-60mill…..the economy shrunk in grinding/money/people…….2).both my evie and arisha are 20k+ and i'm both a grinder and sometimes, i'll buy stuff with real money. i don't regret and i'd happily given my account away to a stranger for free. i even give free gifts to strangers/friend. i have no problem getting on boat with those attack ratings, but it saddens me a lot whenever i saw people getting kicked from boat……i can't host cuz of shitty internet/computer capabilities. most people who can host mostly don't want weaker people on their team cuz they don't wanna carry. and then there are those op ppl that never want to support the back like the kraken raid…….i'm 20k+ and i still hapilly support any role. i had left the game for those 2 bad reasons. however, another thing i like about this game is that no boat will ever say ummmm we neeed a tank or a magic user like how some other games are….and….god such a relief cuz i hated when ppl requested for a specific class. i dunno if i'll come back or not, but again this new character is very nice:)

  25. Bryan80862


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