Unknown Future Gameplay Preview PC Version Various Characters Ultimate

Unknown Future an Anime Card RPG for both PC and Mobile was released the other day. I don’t know what I’m doing since I can’t read cards, but it’s simple. If you play 3 cards from the same character, you can trigger their ultimate. If you’re interested in trying out the PC version or the mobile one the official links are below.

Unknown Future by Netease
The PC version currently only supports window mode.
I couldn’t figure out how to get it to run fullscreen or higher resolutions.
You will need to create a Netease account unless there is a Guest login.

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Комментариев: 31
  1. Pancake

    Wow this actually looks great, can't read it either tho lol

  2. Rita Rossweisse

    Now this looks good!

  3. TheDkmariolink

    Wait, Epic 7 2?

  4. Laen Sdrah

    Yes, finally another mobile game taking the animated skill approach. Thanks for sharing

  5. Croz Raven

    This looks pretty decent & the 2D power moves looks really great.

  6. Mr. Canis Maleficus

    WTF is that Ultimate Animation. EPIC aa Fck

  7. that one knight

    game looks cool ass but….. WHY ISN'T IT IN ENGLISH or like have an english option perhaps? i played some korean games and such before without knowing literally any bloody thing cuz its in a language i can't read or speak, im not going through that again….

  8. SpungBob

    The skill animation looks so kool but why does the finishing touch of the skill looks and feels just like a low jab…

  9. Kei Arclight

    This reminds me to Crossing Void.

  10. Mirosuke

    Fucking coomers the whole comment section lol Slay The Spire meets gacha, man.

  11. Grand Asur

    wow . this game look rly cool !

  12. Lughs_Revenge

    "Unknown future"… Atleast the title admits that they probably will not come out in english language ever.. and if, it comes out 2023 when the hype is gone, nobody remembers it and some fucked-up-in-the-head publisher takes the game over and sells everything in the game with real money paid currency.

    Oh boy can't I wait.

  13. Dood_ DeL

    Waiting for en release
    Dis looks pretty cool

  14. Woven Earth

    looks very cool but kinda lacking with the transition from anime skill to overall fight , a bigger — wider combat overview with a better ui would be better for turn — based gameplay

  15. Shiro Sora

    i hope this game comes to global i really wanna play it

  16. Tora-Ky

    Its always 1vs3??? Cause its boring and the enemy its basically an afk bot

  17. TarvarisaurusRex

    Anime Slay the spire?

  18. kenichi5388

    E7 and crossing void having a baby..

  19. zaher amleto

    cancer weeb culture

  20. Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん

    turn base-hey look at my super cool skill animation game = a no no…

  21. Kemil Gaming

    First time you pubblish a video of a game and I am like "BIG NO" in the first 10 seconds of the video

  22. OrangePeel

    Another one of those "all characters look more or less the same" anime games

  23. zajizjaz

    graphic and art of this game is very good.
    but i dont know why i think this game will closed in 1 year after OBT like many game.

  24. Lucas Souza da Silva

    waifustone 2.0

  25. Bam boo

    Animation looks dope, like E7

  26. monoside07

    Finisher animation looks great, but the damage effect be it slash or blast need more impactful.

  27. goldenducky12

    its like slay the spire + waifus + epic 7 like ultimate animations

  28. Sycogenesis

    We bout to see a bunch of Elyion videos from Stepp as it comes out soon heh

  29. T underdog

    this game is shit, a typical 'pay or quit' AFK game

  30. Ri Mae

    pretty nice combination 2d animations with 3d models

  31. Sondragon66 !!

    Game is cool and all, but the one thing I'm truly waiting for for those game, is the MUSIC! THE REALLY GOOD MUSIC THIS GAME HAS, Composed only by the one and only Yuki Hayashi

    Yup! The same person who composed the famous MY hero academia song! "You say run"

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