Undecember Gameplay PC Version Preview HD Limited Open Test

A gameplay preview of the upcoming cross-platform MMORPG Undecember. I only tested it for a couple of hours and edited down gameplay to thirty minutes. You can also participate in this beta for a limited time, I made a guide below on how to download Undecember on PC pinned in the comments section below.

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  1. Steparu

    Undecember PC Download Guide

    Instant Registration No ID Required For Now

    1. Create an account https://sts-web.line.games/sts/user/signup/terms

    2. Download Launcher https://floor.line.games/ko_KR/download/install

    3. You can toggle English on the Launcher (Top right before logging in)

    4. Login and Download the game (5GB Only)

    5. They disabled English text, only Korean text for now.


    If you're stuck at the title screen, you might need VPN.

    (After you create a character, no VPN required.)

    I play from USA without a VPN, unless they change it up.

  2. Seungsation


  3. Gatsby O.

    Looks like Diablo

  4. Catzor

    Scuffed, uninspired Diablo.

  5. Croz Raven

    & then release 5+ years later hue hue hue

  6. Hot PancakeZ

    Rip the frame drops is too much

  7. Jeremy Payne
  8. Fredzkz Gwendolin
  9. Nightmare

    Thank you for showing this Steparu!
    Lost Ark english was ruined by shit amazon so I might try Undecember , nice it is on english already
    In the future I might go Lost Ark RU , I don't know yet haha

  10. Rozella Joanie
  11. Atlas Fullsun

    better than Lost Ark

  12. Ace mvp

    Not bad =) Might give it a try, thanks!

  13. Alchemxst Xavier

    Niceeeee! Ugh I love MMORPG so much. This looks so amazing! 😍😍😍

  14. Exilio Gamers

    How long will this beta last?

  15. FERTEY Live

    Вместо новой дьяблы самое то .

  16. chris ditmi

    mobile game without depth :(

  17. Anakin Sepherd

    best lost ark alternative i have seen, gonna download tomorrow

  18. Ander Rivera

    Ya lo jugué, tremenda basura.

  19. ion

    Path of Exile..

  20. Sandro Barboza

    Ahh god. One more generic.

  21. PaleoLibertarian King

    Looks better than Lost Ark, not a hard task anyway…..But doesn't look like an MMO, looks more like a normal ARPG.

  22. PaleoLibertarian King

    Also characters looks better than Diablo 2 Resurrected.

  23. eXo

    Diablo 3 and 1/2, why not ? :)

  24. Tora-Ky

    they got inspiration from PoE

  25. Mr 350z Nismo

    Looks generic af

  26. HalcyonSyzygy

    Channing Tatum!!!

  27. SuperCHAOSXXX

    I like this game.

  28. another

    i can't create character (there's a problem when im naming the character)— but thanks for showing us the game <3

  29. 1st Top UP Gaming

    Looks like Act 2 of Diablo 3

  30. Ami Sakamoto

    this looks really nice
    but i hope the numbers are changed, they're really ugly lol

  31. Drae_gon

    Severe Lost Ark vibes but not in a good way.. Like a B rate clone.

  32. masaki23joe

    I hope it comes to the west this year. It would be something to play since lost ark is not coming this year and no word of Project TL.

  33. masaki23joe

    I also would say that I am glad this is not a mobile port to the PC. This also gives me vibes of when i first saw lineage Eternal.

  34. Muhammad Pandu

    Combat looks fluid. Hope it launches worldwide

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