Twilight Spirits OBT CG Trailer — Steam Version Coming Soon

Action MORPG Twilight Spirits Online OBT Soon. Steam Page More Info & Gameplay

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Комментариев: 26
  1. Rolandio Rheza

    steam version? english version? really? :v

  2. gietmex

    are they intending to add eng trans to it? so far it only says Chinese :c

  3. John D

    I can't even think of one good publisher in the West that would do this right. It's always Aeria, Gameforge, Trion or that buy these, and we all know what they're like..

  4. Malik Nahash

    Time control doesnt seem overpowered at all

  5. Malicious Affection

    Their eyes weren't glowing. 😲 They're not even trying yet.

  6. Death

    OMFG <3 love it gg NetEase <3 .. " Hi Furrek, yes we welcome players from all over the world! Just FYI it is in Simplified Chinese right now and we are considering other languages, but still we hope you could have fun in the game! "

    I already have the game and account, to wait on 29 to play

  7. delajigsaw

    Seems like Steam does expand more and more lately.. i kinda like it tho :D

  8. iGottaReactToThat

    so i can play the game on june 29th its after my birthday

  9. TestadiTesta

    1:44 Anor Londo returns 3.0 the vengance

  10. ◀A.G.E▶

    I hope it isn't another disappointment as Revelation Online

  11. Roober

    …aaand I'm already disappointed.

  12. Yohji

    From what I have seen, there is no character customization?

  13. Velkro

    Alarak is that u? :v

  14. Theus

    Is it f2p?

  15. Forty Six & Two

    Just another uninspired copy-paste MMO to play for a few hours to two weeks and uninstall. We'll all know when that right MMO finally comes along, but that has yet to happen for a few years now; Asian MMO's are pretty but lack everything else to retain real-population, Western MMO's are just uninspired copying WoW which has long run its course. The only MMO's I have the slightest hope for because they're different is Crowfall and Ashes of Creation. Cheers

  16. ヒロキ藤沢

    chinese games = trash, only jx3 have nice gameplay

  17. Pita bread

    From what I've seen on the steam page the characters look preset so no character customization?

  18. Tye Roberts

    No English has me scared, but the Sengoku Basara gameplay has me intrigued. Will at least give it a download and see if I can even navigate menus and stuff.

  19. Lương Đình Cường

    No English.

  20. White7Fang

    it sad everyone is going to look the same from my understanding

  21. Elec

    1:32 Nero is that you?

  22. Ayyadana Akbar

    > go to steam page
    > watched all of the trailers
    > heard "audiojungle" in the last trailer

    made my day

  23. BuShi Do

    Where can I get this game? Playing in NA yet? if not when?

  24. MasterDios

    no try play pvp is imposible xD

  25. Fraay

    Coming to steam… no english version. LUL

  26. Tim Wong

    Ох, уж эти китайцы! Все так пафосно и старомодно!

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