Twilight Spirits Action MORPG Upcoming Open Beta《龙魂时刻》

Open Beta is Coming Near the End of the Month (June)! — Action MORPG — Dungeon Crawl — F2P More Information

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Комментариев: 23
  1. hi im zalii

    first ;d

  2. ZimmermannGDesign

    Has this Game only dps classes?

  3. SrProphet

    end of may or end of june?
    Looking good, #hype

  4. Nezzen

    Chinese kritika?

  5. Fiethsing

    I wonder when games stopped having archers as one of the main classes and started to put gunners in their place.
    Nonetheless it's a interesting game, I hope you can get us some gameplay from open beta, Step ^~^.

  6. Noja8787

    Whats an MORPG? There is no multiplayer in this? Is just Massive Online RPG?

  7. LightmareNoel

    ip block and/or hard to create account?

  8. Malicious Affection

    No way… Is the combat actually like Vindictus? 😲

  9. Saleem Ali

    Do you think this is better than revelation online

  10. MMO's 4k Gaming!

    yea and we will see this in EU/NA in 5 years time when no one gives a shit anymore,! =)

  11. Radical Fence Sitting

    This looks more generic than… I can't even come up with anything. Fuck.

  12. Lynacchi

    at first i thought it looks good with this magic and sword classes. but this fake tera brawler and his low budget gunner friend looks like shit

  13. Joy Evan

    Need more skills otherwise flop

  14. azure98

    I like how theres all this High Fantasy and Magic and then all of a sudden you have a Robot character that can teleport and has a Chaingun.

  15. hovsep56

    would play it but the super tiny instances and loadings to the next scene like its a 2010 mmo turns me off

  16. Astaroth

    this is from the revelation devs? meh… pass..

  17. teentitanbg

    Only 7 skills bar? this game seem don't interest to me.

  18. Toan Nguyen

    pure instance = shit.

  19. Acedus

    Ayy time to purchase a VPN again, one of the only MORPGs that I am actually hyped for.

  20. (less)

    This is the most ragtag cast of classes I've seen in a while… I like it.

  21. Kevin L

    Is this a Chinese game? They copy games too now? This crap looks like Vindictus 1.5, nothing new.

  22. Yane Satsuki

    Dragon nest moding game ~ trash china !

  23. Boba Toyhammer

    Ревелатион 2 = платная хуета )

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