Trickster M Gameplay Grand Opening PC Version 2K HD

The PC and Mobile version of Trickster M just came a few hours ago! Here is a gameplay preview of the new Trickster MMORPG! Running around questing, drilling, exploring, unlockable fashions, and grinding my way to level 20.

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  1. Kア Ch.

    the nostalgia nnhhh i remember decimating the blue penguins for the pet xD

  2. RawrBearzz

    This is nostalgic af

  3. TheJbreezy25

    Now that I'm an adult I cannot wait to give them all of my money

  4. A L I E N S

    good use of shadows & lighting

  5. Roguelike

    It's just petit Lineage ㅋㅋ

  6. Dylan XD

    man,i hope this isnt just nostalgia bait (doesnt seem like it though) coz i loved playing this years ago., hope there'd be a global release soon <3

  7. Samuel Samuel

    It looks like drilling always gives you a reward, so i don't know whats the purpose of the sense type gameplay-wise.
    Btw, it looks like Stella finally has breasts in this version😏.

  8. Owel James Cenidoza

    I'm waiting for sword girls this august or September hope you cover it 😅

  9. MeowMeow MeowMeow

    I am Korean and I was looking forward to Trickster M

    That pitiful game is a not trickster, NCSoft's lineage 3M and I don't recommend playing
    someone said "It's like meeting your first love in a brothel."

  10. ZERO

    Где контент ХОЧУ КОНТЕНТ!!!

  11. Kiri Lee

    i found a sheep named steparu in rozaline 8 server is that you?

  12. JY R

    The characters is really cute and so lovely 😍👌

  13. Rathma

    Glad to see Steparu is still alive and well.

  14. What a weeb

    Although I loved trickster I would rather just download a private server and play it again, every mobile game is going to be riddled with 100 of currencies, autoplay and gacha.

  15. xiinze kuyutme

    Hello guys Pandakun here

  16. Vodaz

    Oh…ow. That nostalgic hit me harder than I expected. It was just like when I first played eTO & a huge crowd was leveling up like crazy in Blooming Cora town at night.

  17. Bored Lemon

    How did u get pass from server list.

  18. bobby bennet


  19. Kelade Cakes

    Trickster! I miss it so much. I played on a private server after the original shut down. I hope they release an English version.

  20. The Witcharr

    okay, when is the english version/english patch? :P

  21. ricardo morillo

    Play Lifeto everyone! is an awesome private server where you can have anything without paying a freaking penny!
    Lifeto, Lifeto, Lifeto, Lifeto, Lifeto, Lifeto, Lifeto, Lifeto, Lifeto, Lifeto, Lifeto, Lifeto, Lifeto, Lifeto, Lifeto, Lifeto!!!

  22. Esvie

    Global please!!!

  23. Sirkrodz

    I've always been drawn to these type of pixel/2d-3d ish types games because i grew up playing classic RO and maplestory

  24. Haru Cristal

    Chibi modo taladro

  25. Thai Vang

    Seem like according to the video, there is no such thing as 1 character but gacha character of multiple color variant lol… This thing will failed before release. Plus, this is just a copy and paste of the game turned into a gacha mobile… yup lame!. Pass!

  26. HellSteel

    another auto game…why tho…
    also are the female counterparts still better than the male like the OG trickster.

  27. DLRyU YT

    cant wait to play it on my phone, when will it be available in android???

  28. Hamood Z5ooh

    finally fav game ever in hD

  29. Hamood Z5ooh

    darklord hope they have same acc

  30. Jen

    Hope theyll release this to the west one day

  31. PuppyGeneral

    I use to hate digging so much and the exp becomes so hard to receive after 30

  32. huckster globio

    lol why auto? that sucks.

  33. ZCR91

    Please tell me this will get an English version. I used to love playing the original Trickster Online back in my teens.

  34. Kenny Kennedy

    Not available on my countryyy

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