Transformers Online Open Beta Prologue Gameplay and PvP

Transformers Online Adventures. Quickie gameplay 200ms style More Information — FPS/TPS — PvE and PvP Contents

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Комментариев: 29
  1. Zero_One_One Two_Three_Five_Eight

    Ho lee fuk

  2. Sara Valestein

    sum ting wong

  3. Boris

    lol is this battleborne

  4. CAMO95

    Now everybody speak like Bumblebee in the movie :v

  5. Princess Of Dumbasses

    just so you know that "jet" fighter that passed by had propeller engine sounds (sounds too much like the engine we trained on as Aircraft Maintenance Students) heck after watching it a second time it sounded close to a chopper.

  6. Nightmare

    The thumbnail looks like they are on steroids

  7. MW29

    shit so lame

  8. MrExerionz

    they (tencent — china) would even make this into online game huh?
    what next? Power Ranger online?G.I Joe Online?

  9. Johnny Vu

    is this an MMORPG?

  10. Gaou



  11. Karsing Chang

    This actually look not bad

  12. Hakuna Matata

    Lot of things need to be improved, beginning with this 1:04 "sound effect", which kind of airplane is Starscream?! XD…

  13. James

    Sucks. Like you. jk

  14. Duc Tran

    first time i dislike your vid,not because it's bad but because it transformer

  15. Lester B.

    If you watch the half part of Honest Trailer's Transformers Age of Extinction… yeah that's mostly how it was.

  16. KayAndroid

    I can see little kids having a lot of fun with this game :).

  17. Warzol

    i love me some transformers but christ in a hand basket. D; y u du dis step XD

  18. kkkkkk1438

    if its f2p then the gameplay is pretty solid

  19. Groz blue

    ¡Se ve muy bueno! Me gusta.

  20. Cordell Rude

    Long as it does not end up like the last MMO, Tho it is a good looking game

  21. Nafis Hazwan

    im sorry steparu . i dislike dis :(

  22. Khalid Fateh

    looks like the old playstation 2 transformers games

  23. Dexter Cole

    dmn feels very weird to see chinese transformers ._.

    It could be better tho

  24. Agus Kze

    tranformwatch :v

  25. Kay aze

    Doesn't the environment looks way to big compared to the transformers, or is it just me? D:

  26. Mikhail

    Looks like a mobile game in terms of gameplay and graphics at the beginning of the video and looks like an Overwatch game with a Transformers skin all over it in the later part of the video

  27. Al Ex

    how the hell can bumblebee talk

  28. Karias - K

    A a bilingual, and having watched the Transformers series in English….

    I'm fucking dying at the chinese dub it's hilarious as hell jesus christ

  29. Dedi Eryadi

    "Mission Success" the only words i understand

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