Tower of Fantasy SSR Frost Weapons Showcase

A showcase of all the SSR Frost Weapons I’ve collected during the previous beta. If you guys haven’t heard yet, there will be another beta test for this game next week for both the PC and Mobile devices.

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  1. boop boop

    step anything from blue protocol yet? also is this a phone game or? tbh cant even tell lol it looks good tho

  2. Bubi006

    But that skill sounds so horrible :(

  3. Label07

    This looks like a Genshin Impact style game. Mobile focused with PC as an afterthought. Bound to be p2w BS all over (aka conveniences). Blue Protocol can't come to the west soon enough…

  4. glory royale

    Step come join server 1 on 15th okay?u went to s2 in the previous test can't play with u T_T

  5. Samantha Mills

    How do we get into this beta, would we need a login or code for it?

  6. Camila Loaiza

    Thanks for the video :), hope they add SSR Ice Daggers or Trident.
    Are you going to apply to the new beta? I'm so excited for this game, hope we get news about the global release.

  7. Bohvey

    Is this PvE Kurtzpel? Looks interesting.

  8. GoddardHex

    SSR frost weapons? So does this mean that weapons have gacha system?

  9. Wallet

    Did TOF has a gender changer? I always afraid of future costume ,-,

  10. LOU ALEX

    @steparu can you step on me my queen ?

  11. Rain

    Does it have controller support?

  12. DasQey

    Looks awesome but the sound effects are pretty terrible imo. Hope they do something about it.

  13. Martin Zimmermann

    Gatcha. I had hopes for this game but I'm not paying over and over to progress in the game. Cosmetics yes. Actual weapons or armour or characters or anything that helps you progress no. It's just another scam to frustrate players to cough up. By the time you roll that fancy shmancy new bow you could pay for ff14 and wow and ESO with all expansions plus few single player games to keep you much better entertained. Scratching this one from the list. Looks beautiful but even if I had money to burn I would invest smart.

  14. Alfred Francisco

    is the game "OPEN FIELD Solo or Multi"? its kinda boring if its like genshin

  15. DankuMemes

    can we go to taptap and register for pc as well?

  16. 『Non-English Speaker』

    Could you make a step by step video for how to register for CBT (PC)?

  17. しろ愛

    Is it out yet o.e

  18. Mano Arrostita

    Masterpiece. Do we know the release date for japan and for global?

  19. aaron


  20. Oxci

    the game comes out when in china?

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