As requested here is lengthy gameplay of the Tower of Fantasy Arena. Gear Score seems to play a big role, I barely did damage to the number one player in the video. Lag makes connecting combos unbearable along with hit no register. Probably way easier if my ping was under 50ms or something.

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  1. Make Beer Not War

    pvp look terrible for me, either you stun lock the opponent or you get stun locked

  2. Wag kang Bulaklak

    there should be a cc limit and cooldown, just like in bdo

  3. Spacellary

    My god you can't go and wreck them so hard, they might quit lmao

  4. Zin Hen Official

    Pc game

  5. l3abi

    soon as I saw bow weapon I got ptsd flashback of kurtzpel

  6. Omu Raissu

    Hammer is op af.

  7. Akio Fujiwara

    Nice… after creating PvP, few months later they'll limit PVE free in game currencies, and the only big rewards will come from PVP, PVP will be dominated by whales, the cycle repeats, and you'll lose interest. No thanks, I like where Mihoyo's going

  8. Tiashe Varuhaito

    well if a game have pvp, ppl will call for nerf in every way they can lol

  9. YoruFall

    Ooohhh I love it. The pvp is giving kurtzpel vibes

  10. Andrew Rivera

    There should be a normal mode where both player's stats are balanced and a ranked mode where level advantages are enabled

  11. Irlan Kurnia

    demn when global The PVP seem to be fun to me

  12. bob ross

    looks dope though

  13. Hellgatyr

    Atleast they have balls to add pvp not like genshin impact that only care about their wallet

  14. Raph Ipi

    Is there i-frame dodge mechanic?, if there isn't one then ranger characters will be overpowered. Especially with the combo system.

  15. yasser YA


  16. jhonny

    Do they have a clan or club like any other mmorpg?

  17. Vhlain The Great

    I gonna like the shitstorm gonna happened to benshin if they add pvp but mihoyo will not do it…


  18. Coffee Mate

    I hope they remove it. Because, obviously, those whales will dominate the arena.

  19. Alex Czerski

    Stop beating the rookies to look good in the vídeo

  20. Chucho Coco

    Melee has locked attack animations?

  21. YoloTube

    PvP? More like whale vs whale

  22. Kohaku

    Imagine this game having a guild wars or something it would be really interesting and fun

  23. kinoshkiwa

    I like games where there's multiple play styles with build combinations so everyone wouldn't have the exact same play style like Tera or WoW. This seems classless meaning huge amount of customization which seems like my ideal system however the gacha part is concerning because I dislike pay to win games.

  24. aaron

    h nc

  25. DonPascquale

    omg this looks so cool finally a game that reminds me of dragon nest 😍😍 will we be able to play this in eu???

  26. PinkSloth

    OMG Hammer is so OP Hahaha! But the combat looks so much fun! Even in PvP! I am looking forward to try out this game myself :D

  27. BEN Jamin

    do you know when that will be released😟?????

  28. Tinh EL

    omg what intense fights ! amazing !

  29. AwttyGaming

    wtf are those bots?

  30. Sun Tzu

    I can already see the run and gun bow users

  31. Sindra Varmillion

    PvP but the other player character is being controlled by an A.I.

  32. Tesuu Arisato

    So glad this isn't PvE only man we got some variety

  33. Malsawmtluanga Pachuau

    Anyone who knows answer me pls: can u recreate your character anytime we want??

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