Tower of Fantasy Party Gameplay Field and Dungeons

As requested, some party content gameplay, I will upload world bosses tomorrow or the next day. I don’t like the channel system, it puts you with like no other players in the world and you can’t change channels. The party leader can summon you or you can teleport to the party leader.

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00:00 Intro
00:04 Open World Gameplay
06:27 Rift Portal Dungeon
08:10 Party Dungeon Hard Mode

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  1. Tim Diego

    It kinda looks like Blue Protocol, doesn't it ?

  2. Aaru

    why the outfits looks tifa with a hammer lols chinese really good copying games but keep it lowkey

  3. Anonymask

    this game's playing style remind me about familair game such as Genshin-Impact to look almost the same element

  4. Unknown

    Any idea on the global release?


    I wanna play this game so bad

  6. Fais Iriandi

    maybe,, maybe,,,
    Lumine is stuck in this world ?
    maybe,, maybe ,,

  7. Integrity Entropy

    Seen 10 seconds of gameplay and can tell this is not for me.

  8. kristaps vanags

    This game looks and feels so much better than blue protocol.

  9. Amynity

    i like that the character looks like tifa.why can't i make my char look like that in dragon raja? the clothes are just too expensive😥

  10. Abhishek Bhattacharyya

    Well the only thing I am interested in this game is it's pvp battles which I saw recenly on YouTube.

  11. Curious Wonderer

    The enemies didn't died after three hits?

    I'm sold

  12. ElCrow

    release date in america?

  13. Cloud S

    I am worried that the end game is about who is the strongest amongst the players. And as always the most diligent player who grinds everyday will lost to the p2w sadly. I hope the bosess later on will have a reward to each player, not being guarded or killed only to be reaped by the strongest player which getting stronger.

  14. Darius Synd

    The ui look like similar about mihoyo games

  15. Equinodium Lezarouxe

    please be an mmo not another gacha please be an mmo not another gacha please be an mmo not another gacha

  16. Cleon tan

    Where can get this game?

  17. Victor

    Is that you, Tifa?

  18. Haru Sae

    I need this game…….

  19. Poob_Ian

    Genshin: "We have Waifus"
    ToF: "You can become a waifu"

  20. VC

    When is the official release date? Or at least global's

  21. Rayhaku808

    On mobile this competes with Genshin. On PC it competes more with PSO2 than Genshin at this point. Which I don't think it'll surpass.

  22. chousan1024

    sigh, these china made money grabs

  23. Kevin ESQ

    the part where you climb on the back of the boss and stab him from there.. gives Dragons Dogma vibes.. and I like it lol, looking forward to the games release

  24. Christian

    The game looks like you dont need a brain to play it because nothing damages you. The more I see the less Im hyped about ToF. I hope the game feels better than it looks.

  25. Syhada

    They definitely need to work on the awkward movements and reduce some unnecessary details but everything looks good so far!

  26. Underground Anh

    5:43 look it like a bug, game character climbing in the air? I see your character when climbing to the top of that high rock she stays in the climbing position for a few seconds, the other character is completely climb in the air 😃

  27. aizen

    The Spanish use WhatsApp and the English like the Canadians who use messenger, telegram or the same.

  28. hoot

    i really need

  29. wktjan4286

    They have Tifa and Mikasa Ackerman costumes in the game.

  30. Catalina Taguiam

    you wanna feel honkai genshin impact cyber punk 2077 and dragon raja here's the game for you except it doesn't need you to level up your character every 2 minutes in story mode

  31. Malsawmtluanga Pachuau

    Soooooo hyped for this game
    I like genshin but its rpg and a bit lonely but TOF is perfect

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