Tower of Fantasy Open World Flying Tour Running to the Moon

A random bug that gave me flying powers so I might as well create a tour video~! Just running errr I mean flying around the whole world and showing some of the field bosses. Most monsters aren’t rendering since I’m flying high. Stutters are when stuff renders in and out such as objects and monsters.

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Комментариев: 44
  1. GrayClaymore

    Wth. Is this a glitch?! Lol.

  2. CaoLongLC HD

    how to run in air?

  3. Daniel Hao

    This bug is better than Genshin and it's beautiful.

  4. ThankForMemory

    This is Running Tour

  5. Xmal Gaming

    I wish it can also be play in ps5 so i can play it

  6. Digital HDR


  7. Ren

    Will there be an open beta?

  8. Jei Yuen

    Must be a camera bug


    it looks strange of course, but I want to play it

  10. Mixed Otaku

    The music! The world! The world bosses! Everything just looks so beautiful! I am excited.

  11. Matheus de Paula


  12. Hellpockets

    Her stamina is unreal

  13. Reinhard von Lohengramm

    Sometimes bugs can be cool.

  14. Walter Zapata

    best bug ever lol

  15. Tetho

    Just put "I Ran (So Far Away)" song on it and viola you can jam alongside with Steparu while the waifu is running in the sky.

  16. Ying Zhi

    fucking gotcha game……. ?

  17. iSincerity

    Can you walk on Water too?

  18. Gabriel m

    I'm waiting for this bug to become a feature lmao

  19. Tommy

    It's not a bug, it's a feature!

  20. John KIBA

    great video, thank you so much for tour

  21. The Truth

    This is bad. We’re you able to hack or is this a dev problem

  22. xLightningHawk

    it is actually a lot bigger than i thought it would be

  23. HASHI RE


  24. Bryan Feriel Serrano
  25. Andrew Jordan

    title of the first song please 😂

  26. Unknown X

    This and PGR would have to compete for my storage. But PGR already have the advantage due to earlier pre reg. Can't play both since I have Genshin and Honkai to add.

    But I would definitely try this out once it's released globally. If anime has 3 episodes rule then I have 3 days rule.

  27. Varu blub

    keqing + fiscl?

  28. Miguel Díaz Velasco

    I don't know… Doesn't look really big? How do you feel it when you played?


    seperti yg di katakan venti: terbang lebih cepat dari pada berlari

  30. Slammerbit

    Im just happy Steparu made them self!

  31. Manjuu of Patience

    Imagine steparu's character became news reporter while walking in the air

  32. Dirk Snowman

    Damn the world looks really promising

  33. Land Man Rodi

    This could be what Genshin looks like if the Gods didn't destroy Khaenri'ah.

  34. Shadzin

    Iam confused. I thought this was an mmo unlike Genshin Impact. It isn't?

  35. Vrom Vrrooo

    She seems like a full-fledged fierce real man.

  36. Rēmyさん

    This map is bigger than I thought

  37. Leonardo Suhani

    Yes bro!

  38. ooooo

    It was jus like a fairytale wonderland…Love this bug tho.

  39. god YX

    Why make her run when she can be flying ? 💀💀

  40. Spinny Hat

    me clicking on this video thinking "Breath of the Wild, Oceanhorn, Genshin Impact, what's next?

  41. †Leonic458

    She a soul reaper?


    I'd never seen places other than those of the orange rock regions
    But, my God, this world is B-E-Autiful

  43. Arkan Ch. アルカナ

    So beautiful 😍

  44. -ᴷ ᴵ ᴼ ᵀ ᴼ 🌼

    Баги в студию

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