Tower of Fantasy Open World Bosses PC Gameplay

There are certain boss mechanics that hit hard while some do little damage. Just a preview of all the world bosses that I’ve encountered so far. My character is too short for the lake world boss, I kept drowning with camera problems. Players consume legendary tickets to open the boss box everyone gets the credit if they tag the boss.

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00:00 Intro Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow
00:04 Flower — Everyone Dies to Poison. It Hurts A LOT!
04:25 Doggo — Aggro Boss and Kite Don’t Get Gripped.
10:34 Crabsters — Help I’m Drowning Small Character Problems.
14:40 Roboliz- Zerg Rushed EZ with Numbers! Lagging?

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  1. Dark

    Genshin about to get slapped🤣🤣😂

  2. Qifa

    Would be great if someone can tank or aggro the boss while others attacking. Is there aoe heal skill or anything if we are in the pt. That would be dope

  3. fahir demirdeşen

    ı can download and play this game

  4. Dylen Setzekorn

    Dude if this came out on PlayStation I’d be done with genshin

  5. Asche Ryz

    wait, is that pyro regisvine?

  6. KihaGeGames

    wow what is this game. this gameplay looks so much like genshin but with guns

  7. Quevyn

    is there any way to switch to english lol its chinese

  8. Lumine

    Lmao tof having gameplay videos before it's even out yet
    Me : 👁️👄👁️

  9. Hunt

    That looks so damn fun, I have to build an PC, I'm tired of consoles, a lot of lame games now and the best ones I can play on PC.


    genshin is going to have a hard time, thats great

  11. Kenneth Francis Kapawan

    This is the best time to release this while the content of genshin is kinda stale

  12. Pedro Dias


  13. Mike Reyes

    will this game come out in NA?

  14. Neduous64

    First 3 seconds, "Oh look, the Pyro Regisvine."

  15. Triz

    Gameplay looks wonderful but the music is just horrid 😅

  16. Csaba Ördög

    I want to play this game NOW! I can’t wait for the release, I need it NOW!

  17. Matthew Lamar

    Tf bruh it’s just a genjin impact I’ll pass 😂😂😂

  18. Serenade Official

    That camera angle is uhmmmm something in the water

  19. suraj murmu

    Bro what is size of the game on mobile and pc

  20. ElCrow

    is there a global release date yet?

  21. ZaidanR

    Its like a combination between Genshin Impact & PSO2 game

  22. oscar laguna molina

    when can we play in english?

  23. kristaps vanags

    I really hope they add more elements!!

  24. Prof. Dr. Kalthasar Eternum Tenebris

    i wish this game was in a fantasy genre not scifi

  25. ginshu laurenfrost

    honkai plus genshin this is it XD.

  26. Aarseth

    this game look so AMAZIIIING, can create a cool character, really nice ! i wait this game a loot, with blue protocol/gran saga and NGS

  27. Soraxis

    F genshin. this is much cooler

  28. Murtaza

    Damn, I wanna become nezuko too

  29. zhongyun


  30. Zhongli is my h u s b a n d

    Bruh I cant wait to be a male character hnggg gotta do character customization on the husbando of my dreams

  31. Deyl Real

    This is more like warframe Nier game than genshi

  32. changetheworld

    how to play it on pc plz

  33. Malsawmtluanga Pachuau

    The reason why all characters are waifus means the players are all men of culture🤣

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