Tower of Fantasy Neutral Physical Weapons Combo Showcase

Various SSR and SR Neutral / Physical no element weapons featuring Scythe, Sword, Spear, and Chakram. Showcasing mid-combo weapon swap system. Added Mikasa slider settings for character customization and clothing dyes. You can change your looks anytime you want~!

Tower of Fantasy Website PC and Mobile Download​​ — Anime MMORPG — Action Combat — CBT END

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  1. Cool Stuff

    How's the monetization in this game, is it like genshin impact or pso2?

  2. Bayonetta

    It's a bit hard to find spear videos, is it weak? Or more focused on PvP than PvE?

  3. Fernando Sakamoto

    Did you find this game more interesting than Genshin?

  4. Nightmare

    Thanks for showing the game.

  5. El Sibernetico RD

    enemy very easy????

  6. °Frost°

    i hate it that they call that weapon a Katana, but they dont have proper posture using it or even have any batoujutsu on the moveset. Aside from that, the game looks incredible.

  7. Kelston Jacobs

    Bro I REALLY hope this game comes to the west.

  8. ooooo

    just cannot wait to play……

  9. The Truth

    Can you only play multiplayer in certain instances or is it completely open world like a regular mmo? Basically, is this like pso new genesis open world or genshin impact single player

  10. Metal Sign

    Thank you for doing such a showcase.
    I was hoping to find one to reference.

  11. Huukyo

    All these games r taking too long to be released. And when they release there is already blue protocoll on the market..

  12. Sandro Barboza

    enemies have a ridiculous AI. They just stop being beaten. And you have to beat a lot for silly enemies. What's so funny about that?

  13. General Rameivis

    this game is going to have really serious problems of lag or delay in pvp for latin america, combos are not going to be good. we have to wait for a server to us sadly

  14. Unlimited Quick Works

    I'm not a fan of flying and fighting in the air but I guess it won't matter

  15. Kenny Nguyen

    Looks amazing

  16. Algard

    Looks cool but it is too flashy for me… literally you kill everything within one combo…. that shit is going to get boring pretty quick…. AI seems dumb AF… seeing this is a Pass for me… I don't see the challenge 😕 just pretty characters and flashy animations

  17. Gameplay Diaries

    Knuckle weapon then cosplay saitama 😂

  18. yourleftnut1


  19. yourleftnut1

    This game is definitely better than genshin impact

  20. Gerdronex

    I think someone likes Mikasa….

  21. Rukh Delhun

    What is that on the top left corner below ur ping?
    Is that channel? Ch14?

  22. Johanna Vier Peralta


  23. Mlle Shanelle

    I realy love this game !
    You know if he come in EU on day ?

  24. Sever Teran

    Wait, this looks like my kind of game~

  25. Ysui0000

    I swear, its gonna be a shame if they don't add combo counters in this game.

  26. Iris Cute7

    Fun fact
    You saw Mikasa Ackerman

  27. Lathander81


  28. quic grid

    The website 404s. Might wanna change the link in there.

  29. Kendal Beard

    think this will have text in english eventually? or even come to the west?

  30. suqd

    So… is this gonna be a gacha game like Getshit Impact?

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