Tower of Fantasy Mage Gameplay Healing Staff Party Dungeon

You can play as a Magician, but their DPS output is very little. The healing capabilities are very limited, around 1% of a player’s health. They might buff it later. The best setup I found is 2 Healing Staves and 1 DPS as a supporting character. Both SSR and SR weapon active abilities are Heals and their weapon swap is AoE Heal. The SSR Staff gets a healing pet.

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  1. Tesuu Arisato

    You doing your damn thing on these videos despite genshin players trying to hate on each one love it

  2. Kodama

    genshin player be like, aww too flashy and mess, i can't see anything, lucky genshin not mmo

  3. Bull Mary

    Chinese mobile games's either gacha crap or P2W crap and Chinese gacha is the worst.

  4. Javon 4000

    2030 Mobile Gaming will be the way. Cost companies 1/3 to make vs consoles and PC. Don't sleep on Mobile gaming 😂. Genshin Impact/ Honkai showed everyone the way make mobile release on PC and Console as well 2030 you heard it from me

  5. Shiraichi Keykun

    Kinda boring if you use guns/rifles launchers

  6. Jeeroy Lenkins

    The combat and gameplay looks excellent but the UI looks like a mobile one.

  7. Cee Cee

    Today's Steparu Style rating: 10

  8. Egoist

    This is literally BnS 🤣


    Can you give me a link to download the game on pc please

  10. OraclePunch

    Wish the movements are smoother

  11. another

    many will try healer if it comes out —
    me also — want to use Rod weapons

  12. Xexal Seyer

    So no real healer role huh? IDK why MMO's did away with my favorite class. Granted, there are much fewer MMO's now than there used to be, but it feels like they abandoned the original sorta format, focusing more on overly flashy combo's and self heals instead.

  13. Neet

    healing class maybe

  14. Reignold

    When will this game be available in SEA region?

  15. LiuYe

    Its because most people played DPS but then couldnt find a healer to do dungeons with. So now just went with what the majority wanted. Which was dps dungeons


    I'll stick to burning SW for a while till this gets a localization release.

  17. eddy_overdosed

    Dps meter is juicy

  18. jdbamgyu

    As a mage/support main, i'm kind of disappointed with how this is. I hope the devs can change it up once release. Thanks for this vid step!

  19. Tatiana Breves

    The most beautiful and powerful of them all!!

  20. Noxen

    I'm just appreciating that lobby music. Really like that epic dramatic sounding soft synth they have lol.

  21. Tấn Nhan

    Ok this game is look more fun than Genshin. I will give it a try


    Thanks for the video Steparu…. but the download link isn't working for me. Do need to do anything special to get it working?

  23. sarcastic ending

    looks 95% dps, 5% healer

  24. Sawce

    Steparu, the link for the download in your description leads to a 404 error website.

  25. Bora Lá Jogar

    When this game release will be on my "hardplaylist" hehe I also can't wait for more info on DFOverkill

  26. Sorey Goncalves

    this guy are using your videos to promove his "own" content /watch?v=08zt5l8Skww&t=21s

  27. Ryan Bründl

    does anyone know when this is coming out? holy

  28. Дмитрий Саркисов

    This looks like a mobile game with autoplay and all the stuff

  29. Gameplay Diaries

    Redo of healer 😂😉

  30. Hitesh Maurya

    It's starts to look really good now…I am hyped

  31. Immanuel Gabriel

    Is it on global yet
    Or does it have an English mode?

  32. Thomas Folarin

    This have better potential than dragon raja I could see it now

  33. Barb Rose

    Play tower of fantasy with controller

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