Tower of Fantasy Limited Test New Prologue Gameplay PC 2K HD

The servers are much more stable today after it got DDOS yesterday. They changed some of the cutscenes for the prologue and added a new weapon Gacha animation. Everyone that downloaded the client yesterday and tried to get in, should have access to the beta even if you were late due to server issues.

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  1. Diego Daza

    Wish I could play this right now 🥺

  2. KiwiObsts

    imma just wait till it relases fully

  3. Marzoval

    Just finished watching the whole thing. Great vid!

  4. KhaiRon

    lol why watanabe (PGR ) is there xDD

  5. fake account

    The grass physics and lightning look nice

  6. Nichronos

    This is using an Android EMU on PC, ill wait till they release a proper native x86 client like Genshin did!

  7. PRO


  8. Maveroik

    Genshin Impact looks so diff….. wait

  9. Green Mosaic

    I watch so many youtuber play this game but none play as guy 🙃

  10. Nahuel Charlie

    Thanks for the footage Step! What's your opinion on the game so far?

  11. another

    too bad — i can't join beta —

    but im glad ya already have a vid — great vid as always step

  12. LightmareNoel

    Kinda ragequit on the login system. So I'll wait till a good login system to play without any restrains for me at least.
    Could get for like 5 min then tried today, and aparently the account goty only 1 hour on gameplay (55 min waiting to get in + 5 min of gameplay) and needed to verified ID and stuff. Afterwards i'm like f*ck Ch*na and now i'm waiting for "REAL" global release.

  13. AzureRoxe

    Ok, that guy is 100% copied straight from Punishing Gray Raven's Watanabe.

  14. Preferred Dude

    How is the pvp. Is it true that it's p2w and capped by gacha?

  15. Phantom Void

    5:35 that flip reminds of Volt in the Warframe cinematic trailer, lol
    Edit: I'll have to watch the previous prologue cuz I can't remember much stuff but I'm sure the infected or whatever girl was killed but here she's taked somewhere to heal her I guess

  16. Happy Life WISH

    Copycat tencent back at it again

  17. Nagus

    How i can play this game? :c

  18. Dodo Dino

    wish we can hide UI or can be minimized so we can have a clean screen and have it in the sattings that we can make them smaller.

  19. m f

    Looks like a mobile game

  20. 17-080 Rasheed Ahamed A

    This is the only game where the cutscene graphics are bad compared to gameplay graphics

  21. Naduron0

    Tower of Fantasy? wut ? never heard of it, seeing the button below it seems this game is for phones only?

  22. Christian

    those lootboxes make me sick.

  23. GrayClaymore

    Ehhhh….they took out the head shot? Whyyyyy. Anyway, how does the game feel now that your in the beta? Any changes control wise? Do things feel easier or harder? Also did they mention anything about that exp lock or story lock? That seems reeeeeeally suspicious.


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    Final Fantasy XIV — Best MMORPG

  25. Metal Sign

    Mind if I ask how equipment acquisition works in this game?
    And maybe what the “you’ll do this daily” content is?

  26. AZ Gaming

    I need Spec information PC recuitment

  27. Nichiirawberry

    global release whennnnn

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