Tower of Fantasy Hammer and Great Sword Gameplay Gacha Roll

I’m enjoying the War Hammer a lot in this beta I will use it a lot~ Great Sword seems okay not much oomph other than a flashy active skill. I managed to roll an SSR weapon, you get free Gacha rolls from completing world events and achievements. I’m double uploading today, party gameplay here.

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00:00 Intro
00:04 Hammer and Great Sword Gameplay
02:44 Rolling Gacha Boxes LEGENDARY!?! Daggers!
03:08 Legendary Dagger and Heavy Weapons
04:19 Dungeon Hammer Time!
06:44 Hammer and Great Sword Combos

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  1. SKh

    3:15 the battle music feel so familiar, like i'm battling bokoblin

  2. juliox9

    Yea an interesting game, sees gacha roll in title…….. Burn in hell

  3. S Syafiq

    being a skinny leg and used hammer

  4. Acacia :]

    When is this releasing on pc?

  5. Matheus Costa

    I hear gear is going to be grindable, and also this does not seem like gacha game. What does this game sell on their store? I just wanna know how p2w it's going to be

  6. V.

    damn, this is gacha as well? is it at least mmo?

  7. Fish

    Made a game with pvp and ranking then add gacha system.. you know where'this going for sure…if you play this game and tryna to reach top rank by f2p forget it…but if you Like having fun and just tryna build your character to become strong for boss and stuff not pvp or rank related that's okay i guess

  8. Aria E.

    You can only get stronger by gacha in this game?

  9. CalebGS 10

    It looks pretty boring

  10. legendary-1 seandisso

    Hey question can I download this game or do I need to be signed up to beta test it is it too late?

  11. Wan Harith Ha'ikal



  12. しろ愛

    It would be nice if they had crafting too instead of just fighting

  13. Jasori _

    so the gacha is that u roll for wapone and get so new skills and so on ?

  14. Elizabeth Hernandez

    This is going to be Genshin 2.0. I am out before I drop 300 on the first day kekw

  15. Brian Forman

    This game should also be for playstation. I hope it does one day

  16. Neva Lose123

    Ghensin Impact

  17. Mizuki312

    Definitely going to play great sword as my main weapon. It feels heavy, but not too slow. Other ones might be ring blades, spear, assault rifle… I can't really choose and the game isn't even out in China yet.

  18. Mei Valentine

    I just want this on ps4 pls.. if only.. ;^;

  19. Madias

    ngl i feel it has botw soundtracks

  20. aaron


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