Tower of Fantasy Gameplay Anime MMORPG PC Version HD

A first look gameplay of the official PC version in HD~ Tower of Fantasy Gameplay featuring clips from my starter zone adventures. The action combat feels pretty smooth and the graphics are almost on par with Genshin Impact. The game uses a multi-weapon fast-switch system. I like the game so far, more videos later.

Tower of Fantasy Website — Action MMORPG — PC & Mobile

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  1. Tecno Gaming World

    Sir ji ham Aapke new subscriber hai 5 month se please help Maine aaj hi tower of fantasy download kiya but vo name ke bad activation I'd mag rha I'd me kya dalu please help

  2. TechyCatz

    Looks great! Music and sound effects needs some work

  3. NJ Family

    Why is it Chinese-

  4. Madi Otto

    Not gonna lie I was kinda attached to intro girl and like ;-;

  5. Albar, Carlo Keith I.

    The skillset is more Badass and also the movement

  6. Never gonna give you up

    I hope the story is as good as GI

  7. High Everyday

    Finally an anime game that isn't from Japan this time😃sweet mandarin

  8. Stun zeed gohb

    Can you understand it? Is actually chinese

  9. H.A.K

    Can't wait for Genshin x Fantasy cross event xD

  10. Jersy Ledesma

    No mage?🙃😂

  11. bryan bordo

    yeahhh this is open world Honkai Impact

  12. IronDawg

    Is it just me the monster design sucks

  13. aizen

    The Spanish use WhatsApp and the English like the Canadians who use messenger, telegram or the same.

  14. Jerald James Capao

    That story really hit me…………….. Release it already, damn!!!!!!!

  15. Gianluca Italia

    will the game be translated?

  16. Sel

    I don't like the story. I hope we can skip it.

  17. YRN Houston

    When does this drop?

  18. Sven Fruiti

    No character creation for an mmorpg? :/ mhhh… But it looks amazing

  19. KillJoyReap

    This game does what genshin decides not to do and that’s good fight animations.

  20. kurohana END

    let's just hope the story not gonna wait like what 5 years to release a new chapter like a certain ehem ehem genshin ehem ehem game


    Final Fantasy XIV — Best MMORPG

    Final Fantasy XIV — Best MMORPG

    Final Fantasy XIV — Best MMORPG

  22. YoloTube

    How is this an mmo? I don't see any players running around. This is more like an arpg

  23. John Badmus

    this looks so much fun

  24. aaron


  25. Brekner Catalin

    It's probably gonna be fun for a couple of weeks, until you run out of story content and get to the time-gated grind.

  26. Jullie

    Woah, love this. Hope it will be good, so some alternative for genshin hopefully

  27. John Ric Lozada

    I am already hooked with this game after watching and eagerly waiting for its release. Combat is really fluid and faster paced compared to Genshin Impact. Hopefully character progress won't be locked behind an energy or stamina system. It's one of the main reasons why I quit GI. Add up the abysmal drop rates and the chance to only farm upgrade items only thrice a week.

    Also if a dev is reading this, I hope they add an option to turn off auto enemy target lock and use manual targeting. It's the thing I hated the most in Genshin Impact, ruined my combat too many times when my character attacks an enemy that are a few feet behind instead of the one I am facing.

  28. Jowk PH

    ngl the cutscenes looks somewhat cheaply made, hope they polish it before the release.

  29. Idk

    Mihoyo will finally have some competition and maybe they will up their game

  30. Ramlethal

    This actually feels really good n smooth… Might try this one when global version is release

  31. Mr J

    Does this game have guilds and guild wars?

  32. Zenix Vampirchik

    Wait… is it genshin, but with much deeper combat?! Gimme gimme

  33. Torrential

    I’ve been patiently waiting for fresh, GOOD mmorpg (+combat/action). We shall see

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