Tower of Fantasy Combat Gameplay — Spear — Dual Daggers — Sword

The game lets me change my female character look a lot so I’ll go do that in every video. Each weapon has various attacks depending on the amount of left-click taps and holding the left-click in between combos and weaving it in. I will showcase some heavy weapons next like the Great Sword and Warhammer.

Tower of Fantasy Website — Action MMORPG — PC & Mobile

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00:04 Intro
00:00 Open World Gameplay
05:35 Fake PvP
06:18 First Dungeon Boss

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  1. FA KLN

    this game is out or will it come ?

  2. Poob_Ian

    It's combat system is basically Honkai Impact and the overall style of animation and graphics is Genshin, looking very nice

  3. Lemac Mac

    i'm done with genshin but for this game i can't wait men

  4. VC

    Is this for both PC and mobile? Cus I see both
    And when is it's official release date?

  5. IriamuKun Destroys

    Cool…almost look like Genshin Impact….anyway i'ma try it out might be better :-D

  6. kevin ohler

    i dont know how to even sign up. i keep trying to sign up (which i thing its what it says) but idk where to make an account

  7. Rod Lester Felipe

    xiangling in genshin impact in another world

  8. mark anthony andales

    now please tell us where to download the pc version :3 :3 ;3

  9. 이아인

    Is tha u xianling

  10. Paisen

    Please no switching of characters like genshin impact cause it is shit.

  11. mskdeath

    Anyone knows the release date ?

  12. Tenseii

    That's just a copy of genshin impact lol

  13. Add more cards

    😐 Xianglin has 1 fire blade ult she has 2 😶 what the .

  14. Add more cards

    😶 is it illustration or im spotting exactly same trees just like genshin :| c'mon its not fine.😐 genshin impact inazuma is just like this game.

  15. Bitut’s VLOG

    When release on mobile

  16. Karma

    Can’t wait to play this game

  17. 富二代


  18. Raymoozer Freddiel

    Chinese version only?

  19. 9kdmndn

    Is there an english languange?

  20. Kazyui

    Im really hyped for this game, I have been searching for so many anime games other than Honkai and Genshin

  21. Nazim Sz

    looks like honkai

  22. Mark Kozyk

    Better much!

  23. Adrian Andrade

    Is this new genshin? looks, just like genshin, but new.

  24. Nawinzon Labuca

    is this an MMORPG? where can we find other players here?

  25. Dave Malone

    Genshin with DMC style combat. Where do I sign up?

  26. Neva Lose123

    Ghensin Impact

  27. arara ragi

    Where are the other players in the world?

  28. Reithking Gamers

    Pc Version is best Gameplay Tower Fantasy i hope to play this Games

  29. Silvano Garcia Sanchez

    Combat looks pretty good, the aesthetic is not it for me sadly

  30. Jo

    When will this game get releashed

  31. 【_Ryūッ】

    Tower of fantasy is like the futuristic version of Genshin Impact

    Genshin Impact is like the more earlier era kinda like of Tower Of Fantasy

  32. juaneko .-.

    is gona be like gi? i mean is no gona be other players, just you ?

  33. aaron


  34. Godzilla R35

    everything is a little cluttered, GI is and remains the best anime game. this running animation alone looks so unaesthetic. to everyone who thinks GI is pay to win, with the standard team it is also easy to crack LVL 12, but everyone should gamble whatever they want.

  35. Châu Võ

    Is that Xiangling movement?

  36. zellgadys

    Generic and ugly game over 9000. Nothing new.

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