Totally Cute Loli Emotes and Random Adventures in Moonlight Blade

I unlocked the flying skill, perhaps a flying montage later?
Found some friendly Chinese users to use emotes on me!
They were going to take me sailing, but my level was too low T_T.

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  1. Ukoza Fei

    "aaah!! pffa.. hah.. I.. what the.. that's too.. okay, cute.." Would be the reaction I was having in my head through this entire video. And 2:14 just oh how.. precious XD I'm a reeal sucker for that kind of stuff :P Wait! Your level was too low for sailing, what??! lol

  2. Astaroth

    I thought you could only have 1 hair color. is that blonde hair a wig item?

  3. Yume Megami

    that flying emote with the fire works so flashy

  4. Dennis

    Come out in na/eu plz

  5. Liedral

    that 4:00 just doesn't fit what you did to those poor NPCs lol~!

  6. Solaire Kun

    What if some1 carry a loli in this game and drop her in the ocean? ;D

  7. flux


  8. Aephol

    Wow, that flying with the music and background was so beautiful

  9. Yap Kar Wai

    Hi Steparu, have you been stucked in the enter game screen with a white popup box? I cant seems to play..

  10. Tywele

    This is amazing and damn adorable!

  11. Robonator

    Gotta admit. This looks fucking great.

  12. lady milady

    (pokes face, they turn around, steal a kiss'u!) SO UGH CUTE I CANT EVEN♥

  13. Yane Satsuki

    this game have unique gesture :C
    but if they prove action animation abit more it would great ~

  14. Serena Durden

    ugggh Wuxia said they were coming to the NA/EU ugggh how long will it beee

  15. Pervy

    Steparu how do you make your videos look so good? What do you record and edit with? What bitrates do you upload?

  16. Keith Donovan

    This is an Asian MMO, and every woman doesn't have some version of high heels! Letting them wear a greater variety of clothing! Took a while, but we got there in the end.

  17. tan pen

    Mom, i found a loli, can i marry her?

  18. Tigerspaz

    the constant disappearing and having to jerk your mouse to flip camera to fix it would annoy me lol

  19. 張叁李肆


  20. 兔子先生

    Can I request data?


    better bdo

  22. Mr Shame

    can anyone show me a guide how to play this game? is there an English patch for Moonlight Blade? thanks

  23. Asagi van Otani

    this game looks like it has gamepad support. Just reminds me a little of BnS and BDO. A little Tera as well.

  24. Gahara zero

    FBI open the door

  25. Jester

    The weaboo dream

  26. 巴巴爸爸爸爸巴巴


  27. Tcheco Lee

    Blade and soul + perfect world = Moonlight Blade

  28. Cheeky Fantasy

    why is there so much armor / clothes clipping in Asian mmo's

  29. Libao Wu

    Hi Steparu, how do you get emotes ? I tried so many times, but they are locked ! ;;

  30. eka sumarwata

    anyone know name of this bgm song when at the city ? I like this song so much

  31. Jinsoyuns

    any news when this comes to NA

  32. Viola Gestalt

    oh my god thats adorable!!
    edit: knowing me, my boyfriend will carry me the whole time

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