Tifa Lockhart AC Short Preview — Mobius Final Fantasy Ultimate Hero

The Japanese version received the Ultimate Hero Tifa from FF7.
A short preview of her attack animations and Final Heaven Mobius.
http://store.steampowered.com/app/536930/MOBIUS_FINAL_FANTASY/ — PC — Mobile — EN/JP

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Комментариев: 23
  1. Scypheroth

    so this is the new ff7 remake huh? no wonder there taking decades to come out…look at the effort n time there putting into this game they dont have enough time left for the remake

  2. Chris jason


  3. L A N T E R N

    Seems a little OP in my opinion lol 😂

  4. demasa

    If her chest is like that in the remake I'm pirating it. It was even bigger in the movie

  5. TuneyLoonTTV

    How far the update between the JP and EN version?

  6. Paulo Victor

    Does this game have PvP, step ? Or is it all farming ?

  7. BrokenSkull

    Sorry not questions for this content but have you hear form developers Black dessert M global release?

  8. TheOldOne

    wth its going on ??? its a screen click simulator? the enemies dont even attack back……

  9. Fallout axx 552889

    I love this anime it so coolll yeaaaaa 😀😀😀😀

  10. stop, get some help

    Did they have breakcore playing in the background?

  11. Crayo Popp

    Nice to see that you are still playing the game

  12. Crystal no Senshi

    I'm so cursed with these Ultimate Heroes. I haven't managed to land a single one >.<

  13. Hakuna Matata

    Totally my fav bae!! 😍✨

  14. Kyo Mebi

    I love you

  15. Lloyd Bannings

    I'm guessing another FF7 collab for Möbius 2nd Season?

  16. Alan Phoon

    so tifa is playable in jp version ady?

  17. 소라

    Her original costume would've been so much better

  18. DigiCube4

    Is..IS THAT BAE?!?!

  19. Blue Dusk

    Dilly dally
    Shilly shally

  20. André Viana

    how do i get other characters? only buying with money?

  21. Wolri Leonis (tmma1869)

    Where's Tifa Echo :o

  22. hong rem


  23. Shadow of Despair

    I used up so many summon tickets trying to unlock her and I still didn't get her.

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