Tiara Concerto Online Full Dungeon Play & Mega Poring Boss

Open Beta in Japan March 4th

Developer: GAMANIA Japan | Firedog Studio
Publisher: GAMANIA Japan
Game Site: http://tc.gamania.co.jp/

Смотреть на YouTube

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  1. Blue River


  2. HyperKeiyum

    Stupid maintenance. :( Also, hay step.

  3. Nina

    Is your character even wearing undies? xD

  4. phantomoto2

    So is there tanks and healers or is it just all out damaging classes? Looked like there was no need for them in that dungeon.

  5. Takumi

    she sounds like yami from to love ru xD

  6. vladimir gomez

    Kawaii loli style dragon nest? xD looks fun but too cute for me LOL

  7. Slider2k

    the game sounds hentai =]

  8. Guix Grimoire

    the design and art looks really cute and all, i like, but the game itself looks really bad.

  9. Random A Lot

    Nice game,like a Dragon Nest but more cute ^^

  10. jorge pajo

    Some of the enemies look like Digimons.

  11. Fox Box

    The game is cute, and reminds me of Tales style, but… wow those controls look so clunky.

  12. LightmareNoel

    Steparu, Is it not tohard to get the quests and all if you understand japanese so well? I do by hearin but not reading. Well, actually just a little bit.

  13. Dragoon-BB

    You are wearing a skirt?..I Man skirts must be very small in japan…

  14. Kaka Carrotcake


  15. WakkaaloaksTv

    monsters to cute for there own good

  16. Willy Fan

    hehe short skirt. IM SORRY IM NOT LOOKIN

  17. Vini Lima


  18. Deathgod881

    I want this game XD

  19. Maleko Saint

    Sounds a bit like Ruri.

  20. xXxTempestxXx

    I guess everyone's got the sound bug (you can hear the same human female voice every now and then), and regarding the voices I think there's only one available for each race/gender at the moment. How did you cope with the camera? I keep meleeing half the time I want to turn the camera with the right mouse button thanks to auto-targetting.

  21. Newbie~Kitten

    will this come to the US?

  22. Will Lima

    some games have good graphics, but poor sounds effects.. dragon nest still much better than this one… cant play a game with this sound effects.. remember me of perfect world and ROSE online..

  23. FMMAGE

    Boring game..

  24. EpicScavenger

    Steparu, be honest does this make you cringe a lil?

  25. Minnah


  26. Luna Royale

    when did touhou and vocaloids get their own mmorpg?

  27. Xanceify

    Step, is a proxy required to play this game? The game finished patching and somehow I couldn't get in after entering my ID/PW. Or am I missing something else?

  28. Rindi Nurlifa

    Wow S o.o GREAT!!
    I got A cause i do it solo xD

  29. Cyro-Nydd

    Oh these games… 'look it's an adorable plushie! KILL IT!!!'


  30. Corey StAtZ

    This game is destroying my mind X_X

  31. Yoo Ten Sill

    Oh Japan, you dun did well!

  32. hovsep56

    game looks good but the combat is just so…bad

  33. Vidar Wolfheim

    it is in open beta on japan since… 3 days ago… how would it be in NA?…

  34. Dionne Llamado

    i played Tiara Concerto… i'd really love it (my character is a human/male warrior) and i've seen a lot of Elfs lately (stepy's character is an Elf race) or is it bcoz of rocket dash? or rather kawaii? :)

  35. No STG

    Hope someone brings this to the US, we need more cute over grimdark garbage.

  36. Arthran

    Elf warrior…actually seems pretty fun!

  37. Compartiendo la palabra de Dios

    Any way to put the control like dragon nest? O.0

  38. ChinaD011

    considerable amount of want.

  39. 사쿠라 미쿠 X 나무위키

    이 분 최소 한국인

  40. Jesus Garcia

    Can i still play this game?

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