Tiara Concerto Online Debut Test Character Creation First Look Preview

Debug Alpha Test Character Creation
Something cute! Reminds me of ECO Online.

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  1. BlupaxX

    Ya know I was just thinking about this game the other day. Nice to see stuff is happening with it. I hope this comes overseas ^_^

  2. shamanovski

    напомнило grandia с sega DC

  3. Nyctus

    Their idle animation are awkward.

  4. SplitSecond

    what software did u use to record it? Super HD =D

  5. Furyaki

    lol Reminded me of Eco before i even saw you mentioning Eco in the Description ;-;

  6. TheBlackDemiGod

    I heard of this also about langrisser schawrz and this was made by somebody forgot the name tho

  7. nekoangelgirl123

    oh my glob…did i see an instrument in their hand? AS IN BARD 8D! I was happy with just the two guns but now…oh…my…GLOB!!!

  8. byuu337

    This game looks so adorable (//∇//)

  9. GBO2 gameplays

    pretty cute characters..

  10. Mikedot

    The animations bother me so much. I hope they're not final.

  11. Christian Campbell

    so umm yeah…boobs and flat muscles :D

  12. Reed Depew

    We all can keep the memories

  13. Tainted126

    I'd play but I can't do the Japanese captcha

  14. notteverde

    I've been waiting for this game for so much time!
    I hope it's not a piece of shit, seriously.

  15. ra gl

    wow look at em mountaints move o_o

  16. Tingly Bubbles

    Ahhh SO CUTE!
    Wanna play T-T

  17. CH ii

    gender lock class?

  18. Maree x0x0x

    will this go into english ? o_o

  19. Fox Box

    Seeing that Gamania/Beanfun pulled their service in NA/EU, I don't think it will.

  20. MikeDigitalG

    :{ so sad about gamania taking this off there site!. i was truly looking forward to this game! I LOVE THOSE JAPANESE VOICES! anyone know anything about an NA release?

  21. 白石かすか

    wait… it's out? well I heard that gamania was making it since like… Asia Game show last year then suddenly no news came out -.-"

    …oh wait it's not the Hong Kong server

  22. lloyd senjo

    is it just me or it took a while to notice he was changing the faces at first :v

  23. lloyd senjo


  24. Yami "Eikoran"

    Finnaaly ive been waiting for this and langreisser,

    But do you know if they stopped plans on a NA release?, Because beanfun shutdown and Gamania has yet to say anything if it still is or not :c

  25. 俺誰

    im glad that the game is full action /watch?v=06-rO8YCCpo

  26. Kyoraizuke

    Cant wait for Tiara Concerto to be released! though gamemania should have a new publishing company for English release since beanfun us,uk and fr are no longer active

  27. Arthran

    Hope this game gets an English release!

  28. Borinken Lotus

    I read that there doing close beta recruting until february 4. Trying the website, I can't find anything that looks like it, can someone fill in whats going on…

  29. Wtfomgwhyme?

    There are only 3 Class? Warrior / Gunner / Bard? Or there are many subclasses after ?
    Or maybe, class warrior is different if i choose Little Man or Catwomen for example?

    (sorry, my english is not good)

  30. Alauddin Maulana Hirzan

    nice, i still play this in original server japan

  31. howl13

    no ip block?

  32. Arthran

    I'm currently participating in the JP Beta and…I wish even more now that I know Japanese. Guess I'll have to start learning it now…
    Though…if they bring the game to countries like Malaysia, we can all just play the SEA version in English! If….

  33. Azai

    wow same like ECO online

  34. Hao Ren

    Is it just me or the boobs are bouncing? o.O

  35. Newbie~Kitten

    the games that you post will they come to the U.S?

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