The Swordsmen X Battle Royale Gameplay Wuxia 《武俠X》 CBT

Despite the crazy ping disadvantage, the game itself is quite fun.
Combat isn’t that fluid since I don’t live in China, lag from the USA. — Wuxia Battle Royale — CBT — B2P

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  1. mazaisvilijs


  2. Sackboy

    Battle royal is just an over used concept now…What next halo-style battle royal smh. The graphics look clean as hell though.

  3. Baldoww

    looks dope tbh

  4. 666Ascaron

    This looks like a miserable dark souls clone with a botched netcode.

  5. The Greatest Comeback

    So good but they need to work with the animations and mechanics it's so unoptimized

  6. Aimstar TV

    steparu with the spin move

  7. Mr Babadook

    Good game!)

  8. Delsoon Bye

    im surprised Snail Games didnt make this game , seems like something they would make.

  9. Claymore007

    Game would be better without the range weapons.

  10. Ernesto D.

    i hope this comes to the west

  11. Nightmare

    90% of this vid was step running after the scared tards running away lol

  12. Shuyu


  13. teentitanbg

    fk battle royale joke

  14. Hugh G. Rection

    imagine how much theyll charge for clouds sword or a bankai?

  15. Chyvalle

    damn the ui is so awful

  16. Nicolas Daniel Silva Aravena

    ugh looks so bad, wth is this a chinese crappy mmo? oh it is xd

  17. Bill Vavouras

    Dread him…run from him….steparu comes eventually

  18. V Kira

    Dark Souls Battle Royal would simply overthrow all the other games including fortnite, it will be difficult to make tho…

  19. Lunashiro

    Combat can get some improvements mainly on the hit impact. Also the game seems way too quiet. Other than that it has some potential.

  20. Tre Sicario

    Is Dis game only pvp or also pve content ?

  21. Thaddeus Jackson

    Combat looks so bad tho

  22. Sakujo

    Wow the graphics so nice

  23. Sheleg

    Steparu do you have input lag becuase of the ping? or your attacks are instant on your side but the delay is shown when the enemy get the knock back?

  24. sometimes

    To be honest this doesn't look that bad, it just needs some netoding polish, change the UI, improve the fighting system and you have a good game.

  25. Ostap Bender

    фигня полная 1/10

  26. JiggyShotz

    how to download this game i want it

  27. phoenixbluex

    9:15 lol..

  28. Jether Yohanon

    Pretty decent. Do you perhaps know a gameplay video that is not laggy? I feel like the combat system is not that fluid even without lag. Also, the UI for inventory is ugly, but they might change it as this is still CBT. Is it possible to air glide or jump so high like in other Wuxia-themed games?

  29. Kurneckz - Apex Legends Mobile

    next in Sword x Magic battle royale I guess?

  30. NatiSEELER

    Running game huh?

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