The Legend of Sword and Fairy: Nine Regions Gameplay PC Steam Card Battle Strategy

A gameplay preview of the PC Steam version for The Legend of Sword and Fairy: The Nine Regions! The game is based on a popular RPG series and supposed to have rogue-like elements later on. I can’t read Chinese, so I was just setting down cards and stuff randomly, lol. There might be PvP, but I wanted to just showcase some PvE gameplay~ Enjoy.

PC Version:

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  1. Dalaun Knox

    1:06 The Battle Music for this game sounds like Assassin's creed 2 theme song XD

  2. KawáiiSoul

    2:31 Yep i'm interested

  3. Tora-Ky


  4. Ong's Jukebox

    Hmmm. Interesting art. Interesting gameplay.

  5. Leonardo Almeida


  6. A L I E N S

    dq rivals

  7. Hunter

    wow this actually looks pretty good, is it online or only single player mode?

  8. Bubi006

    look so legit and awesome

  9. Riddif Mandela

    Duel Master should get the same treatment as this.

  10. Sed277

    This looks pretty cool ngl, would play for sure

  11. Noblesse Oblige

    Does it have the wildcard/dust system to get any card you want like in other card games?

  12. gametis

    english version pls?

  13. Serdar Demir

    why is it on steam if there is no global version ^^;

  14. Nykusu

    Looks like the DragonQuest online card game, even the board layout

  15. hard mode

    cant think in any way for a game to be even more boring to play to be honest

  16. Qalrus

    Lol at 1:05 did they seriously just copy assassin creed 2 theme song and added into their game?

  17. Esteban Ramos

    The game is really very good. The pairings could be said to be very good and there is the possibility of making many different decks, the only problem is that it is completely in Chinese … But that will be fixed with a patch when it becomes more popular. In case it is not clear, yes, if there is online mode and hiatory mode. I personally recommend them

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