The Day Online Steam Ver. Gameplay 5v5 MOBA Mode

English Version of The Day Online Steam Early access coming soon! Steam Version Link — PC — TPS — MOBA / TDM — PvP

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Комментариев: 24
  1. Steparu

    Just a short gameplay preview of the 5v5 MOBA mode.
    The combat feels pretty fast and matches go by quickly.
    The queue is a bit slow since the game is in Final Test XD.
    I'll be seeing you guys in Early Access whenever it starts!

    Oh, you actually click Read more!? Hope you're fast enough!


  2. Ricardo Mafra

    Estranho que só seu grupo que matava.ou vcs tão muito forte o jogo é completamente dês balanceado…

  3. Stankhits

    Not really my style but the artwork looks amazing

  4. RandomlyKen

    Looks cool.

  5. N1ghtShot

    is this game controller support too or only keyboard mouse?

  6. Floyd Dominique

    seems like there's no currency to buy items or gears ingame?
    as a dota player it's a turnoff for me, that's the main reason i didn't like blizzard's HOTS.

  7. Kodo Hh

    Not avaible on EU ?

  8. Tariq

    Damn, I really miss Paragon.

  9. 阿隆RYU

    do this one is having Asia server?

  10. Oriphiel

    Step, does the game have healers/supports?
    Anyway great gameplay as always, I'm excited to try it out.

  11. Rhaas

    Crappy and clunky animations, annoying voice spam.

  12. Axel Zakurov

    ive been waiting for a game like this

  13. Uncle Death

    cool this looks like the cn wildfire i cant wait to play

  14. Marcus iks de

    what you think about this game ? :) it is good or still have some buggs?

  15. Arc Ikbal

    Paragon anyone ?

  16. Sycogenesis

    That a fking lolipop bruh lol

  17. Sycogenesis

    Beating ppls ass with lolipops… Steparu has finally lost it guys lol

  18. Shakira's Hips Lied

    No Europe Server
    I got the beta key for free and found out there wasn't an EU Serv.

  19. firehorse1000

    have 3 extra spare keys, enjoy :)


  20. Sycogenesis

    Im actually pretty jelly, i got a key and i get in nobody is queing they just fight in the middle…

  21. julian12465

    Hey Step, unrelated to the video but I follow this other guy who also does mobile gameplay and apparently SAO IF came out for android either today or yesterday. I'd love to see a video on how the English version plays!

  22. safat imtiaz

    Free game?

  23. adrian fatahilah

    HELP PLEASE !. " Login Error : Check file of the game from steam launcher or reinstall the game ". i already integrity the game or re-install it but it doesnt work.

  24. Halomcr

    Are they gonna bring this game back to live because I really have a high expectations for this

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