The Day Online Steam Early Access 5v5 PvP Gameplay

Steam Early Access has begun for this game for those looking to try!
Here is a gameplay preview from my match earlier. Killing Spree XD! — PC — TPS MOBA / TDM

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Комментариев: 20
  1. Muh Moon Sugar

    that voice is….um

  2. Aram Alatrash

    It feels like a barbarian

  3. Roll-E

    Looks fun. Character reminds me of destroyer in blade and soul

  4. Kemicaloid

    Early match are fun cuz nobody have any idea what they doing, and if you do it's easy kills xD

  5. Techno Viking

    For a moment i tough this was some kind of Exteel for the thumbnail :c

  6. Floyd Dominique

    can we buy items or equip ingame?

  7. Lil PorkChop

    Character customization?

  8. peace maker

    Damn this looks fire af

  9. M Timpson

    Is the champion's DLC downloadable yet?

  10. yoko yokome

    Hi steparu i know you don't do requst or anything, But there a female character that has dual sword. if you don't mind can you play as her.

  11. Bangi'n Bangolo

    That looks really fun
    EDIT: oooh and it seems there is character customization :3 always a sucker for that hehe

  12. Jonatas Nogueira

    Dat voice… I like that voice, very much.

  13. KuroNeko [KFPbeats #26]

    i tried it but the lobby is empty…so i play it with bots instead..:(

  14. Chibo da Gaita

    2:08 WOW

  15. tchokez

    how are you getting these full games, always only 6-7 people queing and never for the moba mode

  16. UaEsArcher

    mori to sheimay?

  17. 바이올렛

    You could have started the video showing a little about the character classes, I really want to play but I want to know what the classes are available so I do not waste my time downloading and then I regret playing

  18. Chloe Wang

    Game is really fun. Lots of people in the lobby. But takes forever to get into matchmaking. Unless you have to be in that circle thingy.

  19. Dom_Povar_Sous vkusno

    This is my first game

  20. Ctrl Alt Del

    whats the playerbase looking like now?

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