The Cutest Fantasy RPG Battle Royale on STEAM Royal Crown

Royal Crown just hit Early Access on Steam today and here is a quick newbie gameplay preview! I’m getting a huge Tree of Savior x Ragnarok Online vibe, I was going to bed, but ended up testing it out all night. Servers are a bit spotty. If the game picks up, I might buy some characters and costumes! Available for both the PC and Mobile devices.

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  1. TuneyLoonTTV

    my Ragnarok feel vibe is coming back! <3

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    Ah ragnarok/tos battle royals. I’ve lived too long

    Tried it out tho pretty fun and smooth connection, just needs more players

  3. Dream Is Fun

    downloading now but the game currently under maintenance q.q

  4. d2cmp

    Unrelated to this game, but i got here from the website, i take it its not updated anymore since the last news are from 2017 right?

  5. Kiyou

    Saw this video early today. Downloaded the game. Had fun. Got 2 friends to download the game. Queued in as a squad. 3 minutes later stepparu came through and killed us. 10/10. Would die again.

  6. LowkeySuccess

    Ragnarok online was one of the best games of all time!!

  7. JonanTS

    Literally the health bars are the older ones used in league of legends like about in s3 xddd

  8. SnowTV

    Wow an anime styled topdown BR, I'm interested!

  9. Balbaneth

    I am loving this more than the other BR's cause I been wanting something fantasyish for a very long time

  10. Planeswalker Gaming

    Gotta watch that sleep schedule :P

  11. NewlyYuuliy

    Is the game safe? I tried and I got a virus threat from the launcher

  12. Fox Faeez

    Well this is… a unique take.

  13. Joel R.

    Stop being a bully and killing me Steparu :(

  14. Muh Sahar Ramadhan

    stuck on loading screen :(

  15. icedlatte

    How do you hotkey leve-lup a skill without having to click on the plus sign?

  16. Rein Mortice

    Looks like it borrows heavily from Tree of Savior's art style

  17. FOW ROSE

    90% player in match bots

  18. Red Apple


  19. MrArthys

    The sound it makes while eating food is disgusting, jes.

  20. Love and Play

    loving this game just gotta be patience with the client lag

  21. Daniel van der plas

    You are pro

  22. Wasting Time

    This is what battlerite tried to do but failed.

  23. たくみかんざき

    Look interesting look like luna online

  24. Rigel Aquino

    This has potential, I like the design, but it's way too laggy


    Hi, I write poorly in English.

    I want to ask, tell me please.

    Where did you get the pictures on the video preview.

    Where exactly did you get the characters? Or how and where to get them?

    Please tell me

  26. LoL Replays

    its just LoL and Battlerite in one

  27. 가우스TV

    I'm korea squad rank 1 bastine

  28. -

    it's very fun to play^^^^^^

  29. n00bonastick

    game is super fun. not gonna lie. but the servers suck real bad and the lag makes some plays infuriating well for me anyways since i play this at work on mobile.

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