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Данное видео является частью статьи — http://www.tera.goha.ru/tera_24_chasa

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  1. Robert R

    is this a standard elite mob? oO

  2. andrewichigo

    @elmondark You can see by the skull logo next to his name, that it is an "elite" mob. Also it is a party mob. That means that it is really hard to beat with a party, and almost impossible to solo.
    But regardind the fight….those slayers suck! They are one of the best classes in the game, and they die 3-4 times… Good joib by the priests (they were using 3 of them!?!?!? That says a lot of things XD)

  3. Robert R

    ya, at first i'd guess it was a boss, but then i saw other basilisks :p and im like…wait…this is how elite mobs are?? geez :)
    but ok, thats cool. hope they give alot of xp, and good gear. or are they just for quest basically?
    i really hope there's no *best* class in the game. hope its fairly balanced. and its just a matter of personal taste what you pick.
    there's 2 priests, and 2 slayers :) so ya…the healers could do better :p
    and the slayers could try dodge more? ^^

  4. andrewichigo

    @darkinak Pretty fair then.

  5. Aipin888

    Наши жгут))

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