Tango 5 PvP 5v5 Match Real-time Tactics RPG PC Version

Randomly testing this game out. Playing a scout character XD.
Seems to only have PvP mode with friendly fire.
http://t5.nexon.com/ — PC — Mobile — Cross Platform

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Комментариев: 6
  1. Tien cupquake

    that pathing at 4:25 NotLikeThis

  2. Jhon Denver

    lost ark :(

  3. Tora-Ky

    anyone knows games like this one ??

  4. Derkly Liu

    This honestly looks pretty fun! at least for a while before it gets too repetitive

  5. Rich Edobor

    Eh I prefer Atlas Reactor

  6. Cloudy Dreamer

    You can play the new version of tango five on Steam!
    Have fun!

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