SWTOR E3 2010 — Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent in combat

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  1. darsus19


  2. RastaPasta

    this is pretty cool but he shield the guy pulls out at :31 is pretty cheap

  3. TheQwert1993

    The Call of the darkside

    This guild runs strong with the dark power of the force, and together we shall unlock to true dark secrets to unlimited power. The jedi will stand no chance, and each and everyone will be defeated. Together my dark brothers and sisters we shall once again spread darkness across the galaxy. Those that wish to oppose us will be engulfed by the power of the dark side.

    If one wants to follow this path they must make the first dark steps

  4. Brady2k10

    @TheLilKon rmr this is all still being worked on its not final, and although the shield may look a bit shit, the value of having it im sure will prove very useful against other ranged classes like the smuggler and the trooper

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