Swordsman X Wuxia Battle Royale Season 0 Trailer

A Melee Battle Royale is always a nice change from the usual ones.
https://youtu.be/MsQ8jDKxIn8 — CBT Gameplay Preview 400ms.
https://wx.cubejoy.com/ — Battle Royale — Early Access — B2P 10-15$

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  1. Green Bandit

    if pubg or fornite never became popular… this wouldn't exist. that being said, the chinese work fast.

  2. Mercenary128

    Interesting. Needs some work, but looks interesting


    Will there be any English release

  4. azure98

    Why do I have the funny feeling this game started out as the usual design for a Korean RPG and then turned into a Battle Royale in response to its spike in popularity.

  5. Oscar Salazar


  6. phoenixbluex

    Looked cool until I watched the gameplay video in the description.

  7. Retron M&D

    This is Age of wushu v2 ?

  8. 十三鹰


  9. Rei Sakisaka

    Can you cultivate in this game?

  10. Fate


  11. にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien

    This looks surprisingly good

  12. Flower Song

    I dont play any battle royale games but im interested

  13. Kurneckz - Apex Legends Mobile

    As a wuxia and PUBG fan. This game is lit. (For now)

  14. RokujyuuyonShou

    Already running better than PUBG it seems xD

  15. Nightmare

    1:43 yolo

  16. Slylok

    Hmm. This could be good.

  17. Saint Germain

    can you tell me please what's the name of this game(in Chinese) ? I have a Chinese account on App Store but i can't find it

  18. gamrage

    I feel like this game would be awesome without the battle royale aspects added.

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