Swords of Legends Online Summoner Gameplay DPS & Healing Specs

As requested, a gameplay preview featuring the Summoner class~ Both the Healing and DPS stance of this job is nice because you can freely move around while attacking or casting spells, unlike the Bard who is static. The Summoner can change pet type and modes as seen in the video.

http://solo.gameforge.com/en_US/ — PC MMORPG — B2P

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00:00 Intro
00:04 DPS Stance — Field GuJian3 Map
06:17 Healing Stance — Speed Run Dungeons

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Комментариев: 34
  1. Aurinkohirvi

    Pretty scenery and character.
    Otherwise same old stupid, horrible East Asian fantasy action gameplay. No interest what so ever.

  2. Locra

    Can someone confirm if healing stance/spec is mainly just healing or can you damage deal/debuff as a healer?

  3. Dayum man

    i think i might have found my game finally! im a very western player, but im sure my fellow pwi players out there finally feel the same way. i will definitely try this game out. Looks like a modern version of pwi. im just getting this vibe that i still havent found anywhere else ever since pwi

  4. Frank Figueroa

    parece aion freeto play

  5. ol0r _

    Is it for console?

  6. Heifutou

    Is there any story element related to gujian 3? This is the amber field from that game? Curious if we see Beiluo or Yunwuyue…

  7. Utavin Zo

    gujian 3

  8. l3abi

    Blade & Soul: Chinese Edition?

  9. Janexi Gaming

    This message is For who talking about : ah gameforge again is pay 2 win for sure not recommend it’s trash they thinking only for money blablabla …. i have to say something did u guys know the selling price on Chinese version? Costume etc.. this Is simple , in China 1 costume+hair cost 236rmb(30.30euro) here game forge 1 costume+hair(18.50)euro did u guys got it ? Gameforge could just use the same pricing or even higher! But they make this so cheep ! And Chinese version is subscription 0.6rmb an ours ! Is not freetoplay

  10. undying

    Looks like healer have a hard task

  11. Toulue Vang

    Another blade n soul but better everything. Still gonna die 2-3 yrs later though. Just look at the video. Hardly any other players running around. Granted it's not out yet, still.

  12. Rasmus Erlandsson

    Hey, Steparu. I am very interested in this game and just wondered if you could tell us a little about the game? Like is it themepark, open world and are there raids/good PVE? Like, what is the focus of the game? I am a PVPer myself.

  13. Wow Ginger Mobile

    It's 2021, the fact that you still have to stand still to fight, SUCKS

  14. Lizar Afiq Fadli

    What do you do to her so she almost cry

  15. KingReaperZ

    So sad the the publisher is gameforge

  16. Arane Uzumaki

    Steparu in your opinion which class is better for full heal? I mean, bursting a tanks heal when necesary and maintain all alive in a hard raid :3 TY <3

  17. Xtoxina

    Any way to stop the camera shake while attacking mobs?

  18. Spacemonkey

    can you make a pvp tier list, im sick of seeing people saying all "classes are viable"

  19. オタクのウーゴ

    I'm so extremely torn between Summoner and Bard (why can't they have the adorable fox girl class from the start!! Dx). I'll try to play both of them during closed beta here in the west. I love Bards because i played Forsaken World for so long as Bard and the Instrument and fighting looks so damn pretty in SOLO. I mean I'm used to not being able to move while casting, but since I really wanna use that feature in SOLO I think I'm gonna be more drawn towards being a Summoner TvT

  20. Bryson

    how much dps do you feel you can contribute? or are healers in this game just healbots?

    I like the idea of keeping the overhealing to a minimum and contributing as much dps as possible

  21. bahamut_XIII

    hi steparu. is this tab target kind (like world of warcraft, so it's not that badly cucked by high ping), or more like blade and soul (too much affected by ping)? thanks :)

  22. Assane Samba GUEYE

    imagine B&S with this optimization 🙄

  23. R3ar3ntry

    ty stepharu, always doing a good job <3 always love your content

  24. Strife

    Can u always switch of what u want to play dps or healer or is some gear specific for ine of the 2 ?

  25. Nguyen Pham

    the field remind me of Gujian 3 single player version

  26. Kiss My Kimchi

    this looks like a bdo clone…

  27. Jiahua Hu

    Is this gameplay from the Chinese server? The steam version doesn't have Chinese available. I'm curious if they will add Chinese to the western sever.

  28. boraxus

    7:16 wait is there an archer class in the game?

  29. Luminasonique

    nothing more annoying in a game than the perma music switch fight/ no fight……

  30. soulfulfool

    if it gonna stutter or lag like fuck I sadly not going to waste my time

  31. troxis droxis

    trash game, even tera is better

  32. Mobile Players

    I can't believe it people still buy this dated games that has been milked China for a long time before they come to milk americo.

  33. Espada2234

    question what anti cheat does this game use? I just wanna make sure it isnt soemthing too intrusive or resources eating.

  34. Betty The 1

    The skin is so beautiful. how did u get that?

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