Swords of Legends Online Spearmaster Gameplay and Flying Preview Ultra Settings

Swords of Legends Online Spearmaster in action~! I recorded two takes one inside a dungeon so I can activate my ultimate skill and one outside showing the desert region. I will showcase the Summoner next week, I’m not sure what’s next after that let me know. PC specs posted below.

Intel Core i7 9700k
Nvidia GeForce 2080 Super
32 GB Ram 2800Mhz
2 SSD 500GB — 1 HD TB
Windows 10 64-Bit

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Комментариев: 37
  1. wolfsoldier5

    did it feel laggy with your ping?

  2. Rwad Mokled

    damn !! now we talking

  3. Rafael Chianca

    This game for me looks like perfect world 2.0, BUT BETTER

  4. TheHighfist

    damn this looks pretty cool, i always love cultivation stuff and the flying sword is icing on the cake.i think spellsword is what i will be

  5. CedZi

    can you increase the fov ? it feels so close :x

  6. some guy some guy

    Some how this game is not available to purchase on steam in my region

  7. JCrozz

    Combat looks similar to FFXIV. Fine by me. Looks like a lot of fun. This is my sleeper MMO for the year heheh.

  8. Gordi

    how many zones are there? the desert one seems huge .

  9. JW Sykes

    Wow Is that sword mount just a visual? Like are there other options? Seems odd seeing you fly a sword while the spear is on the back

  10. JW Sykes

    Wow Is that sword mount just a visual? Like are there other options? Seems odd seeing you fly a sword while the spear is on the back

  11. Aurinkohirvi

    Combat looks horrible, NPCs foes idiots and graphics flashy effects gone crazy mode.
    Pass. Pass so far distance. Wouldn't play if you paid me.

  12. Ayakashi Hadate

    combat is not as clean as black desert, but still pretty good

  13. Guilherme Souza

    For a 2021 game, it's not that great. The action combat system is very cool, but man, when you hit enemies it's like they don't feel the impact of the hit. Common, we are in 2021. I hope they gonna improve this game until it realize…

  14. C

    I am most deff Maining Spearmaster Tank!

  15. Terence Black

    Devs literally just shouted you out my man

  16. Dgamer News


  17. Janexi Gaming

    This message is For who talking about : ah gameforge again is pay 2 win for sure not recommend it’s trash they thinking only for money blablabla …. i have to say something did u guys know the selling price on Chinese version? Costume etc.. this Is simple , in China 1 costume+hair cost 236rmb(30.30euro) here game forge 1 costume+hair(18.50)euro did u guys got it ? Gameforge could just use the same pricing or even higher! But they make this so cheep ! And Chinese version is subscription 0.6rmb an ours ! Is not freetoplay

  18. Edernim

    This just reminds me of a modernized jade dynasty. Loved that game back in the day. I'm going to play it for sure when it comes to the west out in a couple months.

  19. Phillipe Raul

    this looks like SHIT and i know its gonna flop, talk to me in a few months

  20. Tyrone Marchant

    Game looks stunning though this one won't be for me. For the one reason when attacking an enemy and it's allies are 2 metres away not noticing is kind of a game breaking element since this game is suppose to be an RPG

  21. Lulu Maverick

    Oh you're such a tease, Step! Is there any way to play this in South East Asia, in English? :(

  22. Lulu Maverick

    Wow the world is massive, but so empty…

  23. xSh4dy

    game runs sub 60 fps most of the time… so sad :(

  24. ray windhelm

    game makes me dizzy wtf is that shaking

  25. AzureRoxe

    I like how the Spearmaster's big move is pulling out a sword.

  26. Eneka

    can you show the build ?

  27. Hung Nguyen

    9:25 This whole thing is my dream back then when playing Perfect World

  28. LwNickV

    The skill animations look very generic clunky and not satisfying.

  29. Aizen Senpai

    5:40 nostalgia from PWI :( gonna try this game tonight then!

  30. MrMrl69

    Spearmaster finisher uses a sword? Odd.

  31. Icy Frog

    New perfect world

  32. FreeLookMode

    So all the mobs just stand there and do nothing while you attack their buddy…. Great.

  33. S

    Again a "new" mmo that looks like it's already 10 years old. Great.

  34. Ichirou Takashima

    I guess this is what they call when they said, all flash, no substance. I've played enough PSO2 and Blue Protocol and Black Desert, Nier, MonHun that any new combat based games does not satisfy me anymore. It's really sad, in my case.

  35. LaLa LaLa

    those Ai must have coronavirus. They are brain dead

  36. Misz1986

    Looks good but still to much MMO'like. Too poor AI and enemy reactions, fight nearly could be like in civilization, but it has better animations. Im also not attracted with visuals even in black dessert. Also ESO is big downgrade — comparising other single player editions (even older than Skyrim). This game have much more chance if this is really not Pay To Win. But most every MMO game is so simillar and unattractive for me, even if game would be paying me for play its bad offer. Other illness of MMO kind: bad design of story or grind, level limit and only loot matters (i most like scale of mount and blade level up system ). Pretty cutscenes but no universal english or no translation or good reminding of most important game stories. Every hero is this one single saving the world, or there are tons of not important quest lines. PvE or small team PvP games are closer to be optimal, but there is still big black hole in MMO and PVE games industry.

  37. Long Pham

    GTX 1050 Ti — HD Setting = 25 FPS :(

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