Swords of Legends Online Reaper Gameplay

This outfit gives off a Necromancer vibe. Scythe looks awesome!
Just doing some main story quests and slicing random mobs XD.
http://gjol.wangyuan.com/ — Fantasy Action MMORPG — Final Test

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  1. 3jCute TV


  2. just wanna use youtube

    what is your current main mmo, steparu?

  3. Mike Huang

    I'm enjoying this more than justice online. Also it seems like u haven't done the triple-jump challenge yet haha

  4. Jerry Senseney

    look like a fun game its too bad i'll die of old age before it comes to the west lol

  5. Amur Ika

    China #1

  6. Kee Han Ooi

    @Steparu how did you get the beta key for it?

  7. Tkmisere

    I tried to register…They got me to AC.YY, then i discovered it needed a real ID and name with chinese number, im sad.

  8. Bz1903 nunyabizness

    Looks a bit too floaty. Almost like combat lacks a feeling of connection.

  9. Tyrel Blaxis

    It looks like a really good game, i like the combat and i like the graphics a lot.

  10. Calvin Song

    Hi Steparu! Any news on Open Beta date? What I wouldn't do for a closed beta key now after all your poisoning :/

  11. Yang Shane

    looks good

  12. Chad

    all i want to know is if this is getting localize for a western release.

  13. Zedx

    guy can u recommend me a mmorpg, free to play in sea server with english text, thanks.

  14. weapon

    Watching this tilts me, there is a desync between footwork and character speed, it makes the combat look cheap, almost like the character is sliding on the ground when moving.

  15. Mere

    how do you play the game so smoothly? Like without high ping. Whenever I play Chinese mmos I get really terrible ping and don’t know what to do about it

  16. VLN

    the only thing I hate on chinese and new MMO's is the world is always feel lonely and dead I don't know why
    yes they are immersive they look really good, graphics are really good, new mechanics, combat is good but I always get this felling that its like the world is dead, the world is really huge thats why players scattered in the whole map making it feel dead.
    I miss my old MMO's when most of the players just gather in one spot/place and like, just show off their new costume or just have some pvp duel or just talk or have a random conversation. for me todays MMO's feels dead when playing, unless you have guild and friends to play with.
    this is the reason I always get bored playing this new MMO's
    I think they lack on socialization aspect or its just me who's lacking socialization? idk xD

  17. Pedro Müller

    i was expecting some invocations but guess this class isn't like necromance at all T.T

  18. MrAsiris23

    how the game is holding in china? pre ordered it today hope it will be not changed too much especially the exp wich is slow and i like this because for me leveling is an important phase of a mmo

  19. Matthew Petty

    How is the Healing/Support for Reaper?

  20. Roland Klányi

    this reaper is very nice :)

  21. Swift1029

    your video has been used here without credits (he did say he took someone's video but never links to your channel or mentions your name as far as I could hear): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHi9XH1_Hdk&ab_channel=ZeyneMMORPG , just so you know!

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