Swords of Legends Online Reaper Gameplay Dungeon Gameplay Full Run

A full dungeon run and action combat preview for Swords of Legends.
Beautiful looking forest. Is that Priestess of the Moon from DOTA? lol
http://gjol.wangyuan.com/ — Fantasy Action MMORPG — Final Test — P2P

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Комментариев: 27
  1. Duke Nemean

    English release at some point or no talk about it?

  2. Toan Nguyen

    I can't find a party dungeon. stuck in queue for over 30 minutes. currently level 13

  3. Toan Nguyen

    By the way, this game isn't action combat like BnS or BDO. Whenever a skill is used, you're stationary until the animation is done. At least this is what I am experiencing playing the instrumental string class.

  4. Tyrel Blaxis

    The forest is incredibly beautiful, this game looks so good.

  5. Alex Seabra

    One thing I like about the eastern games is the environment, the music.. soundtrack is so important in MMORPGs

  6. Oreo

    No healer…?

  7. Bs Kata


  8. Nightmare

    still better than bless LOL

  9. abad gonzales

    multijugador jenial

  10. Stoyan

    Same systems,and nothing new..until when will continue this……

  11. K. J.

    Can someone please make a guide, to give me some pointers on registration ?

  12. [SEA]S

    Finally, a true densed forest after a long time. Miss them in Aion. Gonna try this fo sho

  13. [SEA]S

    And hey, the mob AI is not too bad, compared to braindead one like in Justice and Lost Ark

  14. Tkmisere

    The movement seens a bit bad, moving while attacking, no, better, sliding while attacking, gotta be TonyHawk Pro Xianxia. I hope they fix that and make it a bit less Tonyhawk

  15. Ren

    This looks a bit too much like BnS. It does look beautiful, but the movement is kinda awkward. Is this beta? It could definetly use some tuning. If it releases in english, I might give it a try.

  16. Zeus Himself

    This game was already in beta 2-3 years ago.. not coming to EU?

  17. Tentacless X

    Characters look soooo….. ummmmm…. how to say that…… ummmmmmmmmmmmm. unnoticeable? Anw great vid as always Stepanpaiiiiiii keeep up the good work as i keep up my booty program <3<33

  18. Nguyễn Nhân

    Hi steparu, does this game require anything to join the cbt? Like an activation code?, i have an account but can't get into the game

  19. Pentor

    It look fun u hope we can play this on mobile

  20. glory royale

    Justice And ancient?! Pick 1 Steparu! =P

  21. Lucky Yolo

    Cyths are such cool weapons.

  22. Shilong Guan

    hey,Steparu。 Which ping booster do you use ?

  23. JeyD

    Most importantly how's the performance of the game? Which engine and dx/vulkan optimization they are using?

  24. Kopicha Gaming

    game looks good. but game play looks horrible. maybe the feel is different when actually playing i cant speak for that. but then again i do not think it would make any difference. the action look so unnatural so even if the control is actually "good", it definitely wont feel smooth. it's either they have really bad animators behind this game or the devs are simply bad that only knows how to create presentation of a game via graphics.

  25. SuperCocoKiller

    That awfull side sliding during combat, repetitive combos, countless internet de-sync's, copy & paste human enemies… yikes… this game is only graphics really.

  26. Rem Villiers

    Looks like fun.

  27. Chris Reymond

    How is reaper healing, is it par with summonor?

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