Swords of Legends Online Prologue and Starting Gameplay Preview

Legend of the Ancient Sword also known as Swords of Legends~!
The action combat feels good in this game XD. Better than Justice.
http://gjol.wangyuan.com/ — Fantasy Action MMORPG — Final Test

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  1. Aditya Kurniawan


  2. Stoyan

    NO English again imao??

  3. Anthony

    well i signed up to http://www.wangyuan.com/ and dont see anything that requires a beta key…downloading the game now…..crossing my fingers

    edit: n/m does require beta authorization….cancelling download

  4. Tanjiro Kamado

    Wow, I had follow this game for so long, its finally out?

  5. ShadoWolf

    Honestly I still wonder how you keep at it with the Asian MMORPGs, so far most of them have proven to be failures excluding some arpg titles and of course some other different titles such as soul worker and so on. I still wish for that One Good MMORPG to come out of either china or korean that offers everything it promises plus whatever players wish.

  6. 시온GAME channel

    Please tell me how to access the game.

  7. 시온GAME channel

    Can you play games in Korea?

  8. Epsilia

    I never knew they had a behemoth among the terracotta soldiers

  9. WinnieBP Graal

    Can someone tell me how do I install this game?

  10. Pan

    Made a WangYuan account and it told me that I'm under the anti-addictive restrictions until my identity is verified. Any way to avoid that?

  11. Tkmisere

    Is this game Lv based, or it have a "cultivation system" like in novels?

  12. zerozano

    Calling it now, this game will be dead within a year.

  13. UnitedmyW

    browser game right ?

  14. UnitedmyW

    browser game right ?

  15. Mini Hui

    Does anyone knows how to download this properly?

  16. Aloe

    is this in mobile?

  17. Markom

    That looks so pretty ❤❤

  18. zi he tian

    This is a new game.

  19. Tenetsu Oyoung

    yeah it will be released in china this year, let's play it.

  20. ChikiWawa

    please have some translation in english i want to play this game

  21. LoOoL

    looks so good LOL downloading atm …

  22. Pelayan LordGodAlmightyYehoshua

    which is better . 1 or 2

  23. the mouth of Sauron

    this looks amazing

  24. Wolfox Crow

    Se ve divertido 😤

  25. L C

    I wish the game was in English 😭😭

  26. Stephan the Pelted

    How do you create a Chinese account which they require you to have a Chinese ID and a phone number?

  27. gamer973

    the music at the beginning when she takes on the quest , is so smart .

  28. XFEI X

    中国不是做不出好游戏,而是市场决定的,版本新鲜感一过马上要推出新款,现在所有的游戏公司都开始做移动手机游戏,中国新的3DMMRPG已经很少了,你们可以期待韩国的3DMMRPG,而且我认为中国的3DMMRPG也不太合适外国人玩,你们喜欢购买时装道具这些吗?你们肯定是想打怪打装备,体验探险开荒快感,中国网游不一样,卖道具时装 你们不买这个游戏就是废的,所以这几款游戏可能不会出现在西方

  29. Greta Thunberg

    China's mmorpg is divided into two story backgrounds, "wuxia" is related to some Chinese history. “xianxia” is based on Chinese mythology. So why is there no non-human boss for moonlight blade

  30. Jacob Carson

    game needs english subtitles

  31. Roland Klányi

    Brutal game

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