Swords of Legends Online Playable Classes and Short Customization 2021

The latest Swords of Legends Online playable characters and a quick customization video~! If you guys want to see a particular job in action, let me know below. The upcoming Western release might not have all of these classes unlocked at the start.

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Swords of Legends Gameplay Various Classes 2-4K UHD

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Комментариев: 49
  1. Steparu

    My current gameplay of various classes for those interested.

  2. Destiny Wren

    Hey Steparu, have you played all the classes in this game?, and if you have, which would you suggest is the easiest class for a beginner to play?

  3. Leo Lejo

    any english version?

  4. Jacxon2711

    Hey ty a lot for the content rly looking forward to the western release :D
    Can we maybe get a bit of gameplay from the other classes?

  5. Fujin

    Bruv, im FREAKIN excited for this game! Finally a wuxia game on steam (hope they retain the chinese vo) 😍 im gonna play the shit out of this game, TRUST! See you there boys! 😍

  6. Crimson Iroh

    Just purchased the collectors edition. Goodbye Blade & Soul and welcome Swords of Legend!!

  7. Winter

    the closed beta already started?

  8. Mozart Di Auditore

    Oh dang they have ears? best MMO 2021 let's gooo LMAO

  9. Edwin Ford

    Steparu, this game will be published by gameforge. Do you think this game is in good hands? I want to buy it but too afraid with how bad gameforge reputation is.

  10. Kazu Ki

    Skin color diversity 0 Black skin color ?!!!! ist a joke !!! we are in europe and also in 2021 without me !!

  11. CrazyCatt

    I can't help but look like a cheaper version of Justice Online, which I'm sorry about, because I'd welcome a lot more than this and I'm still waiting and hoping. Don't have any information about him?

  12. Arthur Filemon - Countertenor

    Could you kindly remind me why do they still produce these games?

  13. Zakrulan

    if this game releases in EU/NA then I wont be seeing the light of day ever again for this year. Its a good thing I'm subbed to you Steparu otherwise I would have never found this vid and this game. I've been itchin to play an mmo like this for years.

  14. May Dark

    Hi! I was hoping to find some pvp gameplay videos of healers — summoner/bard

  15. The Yulice

    meh, aside from a charmaker this game has nothing to offer

  16. OreoDayz

    what class is at 0:22

  17. Nyxnik

    what this looks like is another disappointment thanks to gameforge

  18. Heartless Angel Ketsueki

    Sigh… If only the game would allow a basic thing… like change hair or eye colour to something more fun…

  19. Agus Kze

    lul i must pay around 50$ lmao… its pay to win game?

  20. Alreawon

    Why can't I have a loli male character???

  21. Victor

    Cant wait for this game!

  22. Rafael Nicácio

    Sad not to be able to color hair with other colors …

  23. RSProduxx

    I can´t really tell what it is… but there´s something about chinese fantasy styles that doesn´t appeal to me…
    this game is no different. I mean, I´ll probably have a closer look when the western version arrives, but I´d be
    surprised if it really sparks…

  24. Kasraken

    HelloPolice 😂

  25. CodeCrush11

    Dang the hair colors are so limited. I wanted to make a white hair master like Pai Mei from Kill Bill lol

  26. Trick Stur

    same like dragon raja gender, where's the damn shotas lol

  27. xolitaire

    I love that you can combine different bangs and hairstyles in this character creator, too few games offer that

  28. Ana Škoda

    Is Archer's sub class dps and support?

  29. Angel T

    What type of class is the fox?

  30. H S

    Thanks to stupid feminism Asian games are stomping so many western games in character designs these days, returnal just reaches another new low in character design for the west.

  31. Honeychiii

    The cloth simulation is so ridiculous, why is it so over the top? Besides that I think this game is beautiful so far. Hope we get more hair colors.

  32. Khankra

    pls, dont tell me the one with the katana isnt playable with normale female characters : /

  33. Kiyeri

    What's the class at 0:28 called? is it the same as the male only version at 0:32?

  34. Lycandi

    The character creation looks really neat. I wish they added more eye colors though that would’ve been cool.

  35. Evan Moskovoy

    What’s up with the two pair of ears? Kekw

  36. Xeon Prototype

    what are your specs my boi, pls I need to know!!!

  37. オタクのウーゴ

    why can't we have the fox girl from the start here?? Dx aaaaaaa i wanna play her from day 1, once we have our game launch here in the west!! TvT

  38. Arthur Porter

    ah no black folk once again.

  39. CosmicWayfarer

    Why are three of the classes not available in the upcoming NA release?

  40. Nishi

    Is the fox/kitsune class gender locked?

  41. Bradley Heytens

    I'm playing the CBT and now I'm mad, why does every eastern game have to have fucking loli classes? GARBAGE SHIT.


    Ah Yes, the three genders, Male, Female and Loli

  43. nobunni

    2021 and i still can't be brown in my MMOs

  44. TechnoGlowStick

    I'm not trying to hate on this game's customization, but I just saw Nakura: Bladepoint's customization!
    I think their (Nakura) customization is way better!
    I know that my computer will only be good enough to play SOLO; which is still pretty good, but DANG Nakura's Character creation is AWESOME! 😃

    Why can't SOLO have a character creation that awesome?! 😭

  45. Kweh

    0:23 whats the name of the classes and what are the roles? looks like a samurai or blade dancer

  46. Bethany Monges

    No game is safe from the Lolis…

  47. lawlestest

    And none of the classes look cool, lmao.

  48. ThisFucking Berserk

    why we can't choose kid boy ?

  49. IronMonarch

    can you tell me, is archer the newest class? i mean in our EUW version is the order reversed. that means spearmaster is the first one (from top to bottom), then zerk, spellblade, bard, summoner and reaper. but in your video its different and the archer is the first one so i guess archer is in china the newest class? would be nice if you can answer me and tell me that

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