Swords of Legends Online Party Dungeon Gameplay (Easy Version)

Preview of the 1st Party Dungeon on Easy Mode. Level 10 version.
Normal mobs tankier than the boss XD, lol. Creepy Dungeon!
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Комментариев: 15
  1. Randy Hulsebos

    Looks exactly like Bless UI wise, or did they change the name?

  2. Brandon Stark

    Holy shit first

  3. ◀A.G.E▶

    I envy u for always being the first is to test the games before the others.😎

  4. Przemekkx

    Eu version confirmed?

  5. Mr.Saxobeat

    So nicee !

  6. DD RION

    I don't get it is it Swords of legend or Legend of the ancient sword?

  7. Sage Pirotess

    not I. only reason he us faster is he follows the games. once he pist them I register and play

  8. Thomas Saukel

    Somehow it looks boring, that game :/

  9. John D

    I'm guessing spear loli is popular to play

  10. Bunndog

    Is there already a translation for that class's name?

  11. Sly

    Game looks great, Just the combat is really below par.

  12. Skeleton Gaming

    Are you Asian? Say I do not want to play ç___ç

  13. Azanami

    how much total client size?

  14. 1st Top UP Gaming

    I though all the members were of the same class because they all move the same in combat

  15. Charlie Martin

    Will it come to EU

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