Swords of Legends Online Gameplay Lingying Skills Ultra HD

Timestamps added for those that just want to watch pure gameplay~ This preview only showcases the DPS stance, I haven’t tried the other one yet. About two hours of questing narrowed down to twenty minutes. Lingying probably won’t be available right away upon global release.

Swords of Legends Online

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00:00 Meow
00:04 Ultimate and Fancy Pants Skills
01:05 Starter Zone Gameplay
03:36 Main City Doggo Slaying
04:55 Talking to NPC and Questing
08:59 Gameplay and Quests
12:54 Snow Area Main Questing
17:13 Forest Gameplay
19:45 Ult 1 (Depleted Yellow Bar Under Enemy HP)
20:17 Ult 2 (Needs 2nd Yellow Sword Out to Activate)
20:32 Auto-attacking to Charge Ult 2 Bar
21:32 Using Both Ults

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  1. Rasmus Erlandsson

    Does everyone look like a tall and slender child? Are there any scruffy characters? I'm thinking like Black Whirlwind from Jade Empire!

  2. wlados22

    Steparu you are part of my teenager years and first mmos :D

  3. YorichigoSama2

    is there an option for action camera instead of using right click to move the camera like other tab target game?

  4. ItsAYou

    The mmo game is strong this year.

  5. Pufferfox Pufferfox

    will there be beta giveaway for it steparu :o ?

  6. XenoZ

    wait so the male version and female version has completely different skills?

  7. Juampi37

    I need a gameplay with the female archer steparu!! <3

  8. JP_ 4G

    wow this is the classes that id been wanting on every mmo.

  9. Andrew D

    Dang and here I thought I was gonna be a pure Berserker main

  10. S3Ri0us

    Do these mobs fight back? From what i've seen in every video of this game the just stand still or stay down on the floor while the player smash buttons.

  11. A

    Question about Samurai Is it DPS/TANK or DPS/Support ?

  12. Kota Ro

    Hey man ,great video .
    I was wondering if the Man version is exactly the same class as the loli one . because i've seen that they have different "trailer" video

  13. ShinPims

    The other stance is it a Tank one ?

  14. lalun

    I heard this class for males is totally different called samurai. Is it true?

  15. Ohr Gaming

    Holy fuck this game looks like shit.

  16. Robertus Nicolaj

    what is the name of this class in english??? pls

  17. HD

    This is the class i want to play but it probably wont be available until the end of the year in NA.

  18. j ho

    Damn. We need this class. Im in CBT2 and missing a single handed sword melee class is VERY noticeable.


    3:35 xD! jsjsk

  20. Tiago xD

    This made me want to play BnS, but I remembered how much Pay2win the game became and now I'm sad hahaha Too bad same sh*t is going to happen to this game probably (every asian mmorpg is a cash grab made for whales sadly :/ )

  21. Matt R.

    Man, this is the class I want to play on the Western release. Too bad it doesn't exist…

  22. David Marsh

    This class is what I want to play double sword fast paced then the spin to win move sold me. Why we have to wait for this class dammit. How long you think it will take before they add it ?

  23. Wate


  24. suqd

    Too bad it's published by Gameforge, the killer of games. Burned me once, burned me twice, not burning me thrice.

  25. Lari-chan

    Foxmage dps next plz? :)

  26. BushPiG0

    Combat in this game got very boring very fast, each class has a set of 3 combos (mastery is the same button mash so no difference) rinse and repeat hr after hr. The quests are nonsense broken English and a mish mash of unrelated cutscenes thrown in, in no particular order. My prediction is it will not last as long as BDO. Repetitive flashy style combat only lasts so long, ahhh well,,,,, next.

  27. Jugg91

    the graphics/aesthetic of this game is very similar with lost ark, but i think top down view is much more suitable for this kind of graphic after seeing this.

  28. Ninjatsu Vaaj

    All game is cry and beg for money

  29. Tuong Nguyen Manh

    BNS clone ??

  30. Tomtenisse Powercool

    What class is this in the english version?

  31. cristine A

    im so titled that this isn't gnna be on NA. Class i mean

  32. Jean Bryot

    This is worth 60$?, i dont understand just so ya know pso 2 Genesis is fucking free

  33. Mortem

    Loli wanna be samurai loli is independent loli strong <3

  34. دانيال أيفان مولار مارتينز

    That class, needs to be super small character and female or nah?

  35. Kweh

    prob wont get an answer but ive been looking around for samurai(or whatever the main class name is) whats the other class for it?

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