Swords of Legends Online Berserker Gameplay

I’m level Level 25 now with new skills and shadow clones!
Some of my skills trigger a shadow clone that attacks.

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Комментариев: 27
  1. My Dak

    хуйня. и 99% 4то ее не издадут на западе.


    seems BDO stole windwalking for its lahn class

  3. Dskay

    i've seen the same asian mmorpg soo many times …

  4. Mike joseph

    It’s actually based off a novel and Chinese tv show, too bad the first one came to a bad ending, and to know that u can never possess a powerful ancient sword without a curse and die in the end, since all 7 of them have a way to kill their owner.

  5. Francisco Estrada

    Donde lo puedo descargar para mi pc?

  6. Tyrel Blaxis

    There is no news about this game anymore ?

  7. borgqueenx

    Seems like a action mmorpg correct? i hate tab targettin.

  8. Vel Sync

    Is this really the name of the game? Can’t find this game anywhere else with the title

  9. Kali King

    have in english??

  10. tommy chenn

    How to download this game??link please

  11. LiLKinG1_200 wilson

    really needs to be in America i wanna play soo bad >:/

  12. Beldin 2

    The whole feeling o this game reminds me soo of Perfect World. I'm not sure is it mostly the music or also the art-style ?

  13. Ru-Ming Chen

    How do you create an account for this game?

  14. Play All Games

    how to register account ?

  15. Pitchayada Phairoh

    i like graphics Justice Online more but system thus game good more

  16. Stephan the Pelted

    How do you create a Chinese account which they require you to have a Chinese ID and a phone number?

  17. Drake Vermilion Pendragon

    Hey How can I create an account?

  18. Dung Hồ Duy

    This game asked number phone china for register account

  19. Drake Vermilion Pendragon

    how i can register , is all chinese thx

  20. edu2k11

    graphics are worse then black desert.. still waiting for a better graphics mmorpg :(

  21. HobbitCraft

    Finally… 3 years later.

  22. ChoJun

    40ish fps in random village with no players in sight… ugh

  23. Tempuh P

    It was available the other day I checked on Steam (from SEA region) but now its blocked!!!!!

  24. Kiiwi

    garbage, black desert is the best mmo!!


    This game looks not bad and not good, but the gameplay looks so weird that i can say thats bad. Movements looks cheap af while fighting. Gliding/flying is a good system on games, but here it looks like some1 played blade and soul and just programmed the same system while he was high or drunk.

  26. JasperZ

    This is really old footage of the game tho. I mentioned the history of SOLO in my vid. It has changed A LOT. Fortunately I think we'll play a version close to the latest one on Steam now.

  27. Bruno Hanham

    Do a rotation guide

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