Swords of Legend Online Spearmaster Gameplay and Areas UHD4K

AKA Legend of the Ancient Sword Online according to the wiki.
Exploring and fighting monsters in other areas, one of em hurts!
http://gjol.wangyuan.com/ — PC — MMORPG — Action Combat — CBT

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Комментариев: 23
  1. Ajay Kulkarni

    Reminds me of blade and soul

  2. Only Anime Clips

    How can I download this game?

  3. Nina R.

    Hey is this game availible in English?

  4. kira_ the_god

    Can you give me the download?

  5. FrostWind

    So any news from this game?

  6. Çağdaş Aşlan

    Why is its not in English Version of this game

  7. Mik Mak

    I so prefer this than moonlight blade i hope it comes to usa


    reminds me of jadedynasty especially the hair, the hairr omg


    some sort of skysong poking

  10. borgqueenx

    no lolis :(

  11. Valky

    resolution in the game on 1080p?

  12. XFEI X


  13. Yunlu Zhang

    Hi step, not sure if you know since it has been a while, but I just want to say that this game will be updated to unreal 4 by the end of this year…..and not gonna lie the graphics would look more wonderful after that. They also adjust and lower the saturability(especially for the woods and grass), so now the graphic is way more vision-friendly. A couple of weeks ago a new class(archer) has just released. if you check their website you will see all of these upcoming stuff.


    Soon and we have this in the west, can't wait!

  15. Red01

    Every video i have seen the combat looks really impactless like you are hitting a training dummy with almost no feedback and gives 0 fucks until it dies

  16. Whats it Play?

    the mobs seems really dumb like BDO level dumb

  17. Laragefury

    Ewww again Asia stuff

  18. Ed

    you can tell this game optimzie is shit, 40fps in wildland alone, with beast pc

  19. Azuno Dilver

    Did it succeed in the east? Cuz we don’t hear much of it tbh. If it did not there is no reason it will here, since the market is much more picky. I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Nowadays it’s all about games being rewarding and proper payment models. Unfortunately we re not getting a proper payment model if gameforge s involved ^^

  20. wowfoelife warcrack

    the music is amazing cant wait

  21. nykko73

    finally a no p2w game i can`t wait

  22. JasperZ

    I think this is in close beta. Back then the game had just finished upgrading its engine. The action looks different from what it is like now.

  23. this Aintthat

    I see why u need flying mount…

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