Sword and Fairy 7 Gameplay PC Steam Demo

A playthrough of Chinese Paladin:Sword and Fairy 7 demo! I’ve been meaning to try out this single-player action RPG~ According to the developers, players can expect English subtitles on release. I might do a full playthrough of the game as I did with Faith of Danschant~

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Chinese Paladin:Sword and Fairy 7 Steam Page

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  1. Meng Wang

    i can see certain mod is coming

  2. Cairen

    omg the play type is change, not same with sword and fair 6 and 5….

  3. 32_11A12_Ngô Hữu Vọng

    OMG its so attractive

  4. 30 Days Local SEO

    The answer to all Wuxia fan manhua weebs kind of game.

  5. V V

    they should change facial expression and character face design

  6. MasChoosePlay

    Action looks smooth. Probably going to try this, graphic loosk awesome. TIL also this is a long known franchise :)

  7. timespaice

    Auto play + bots+ pay2win

  8. CoCoSoY

    12:01 I am sold.

  9. S.J kwon

    i m cry 😭😭

  10. Waichung Sham

    What graphics card did they use to run this?

  11. ToonedBy Ro

    Did they really steal ideas from a game that hasn’t even launched yet? Smfh I will not be playing this .

  12. Hiroko Takashiro

    I don't trust this yet,but i will keep an eye on it.

  13. Future King

    Only if the abilities can be canceled or linked, if not this just another pretty action game.

  14. RiMneMo Crowe

    Any eng ver of this game ??

  15. Tang chueng khai


  16. Thomas Li

    Wow so good


    Why no multiplayer? Looks awesome!

  18. 陈星


  19. Chris Tohsaka

    Does it have Eng sub?
    If it does I will buy it

  20. Lulu Maverick

    Question is: When (or Will it ever) come to the West (Published in English)?

  21. mkrlexus83

    Will it be translated?

  22. Solid Snake

    i dont think ps4 can play that much of graphics


    hes using light magicc from black cloverr righto?

  24. black coffe

    i want Crystal liu yi fei in it lol

  25. pitwan desu

    been spoiled by NGS graphic. the quality looks the same

  26. Kari Care Bear

    Oh my goodness! This game is absolutely breathtaking! 😍 Why can’t any mmo look this great?? I gotta play this, even if it’s not for years like a mmo lol


    Final Fantasy XIV — Best MMORPG

    Final Fantasy XIV — Best MMORPG

    Final Fantasy XIV — Best MMORPG

  28. bogodo Yandex

    beutiful girl with sexy leg =chinese game

  29. bogodo Yandex

    this game look like dysnasty warrior

  30. Muhammad Pandu

    So amazing. I hope progression is less linear than Gujian 3 or Xuen Yuen Sword 7 though

  31. xcogames


  32. MuffinMakinJew

    The character models are meh but the environment looks great. Its a shame it's only in chinese

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